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2x Daily Kick & Sleep Tight Tea - Special offer!

Receive a 40-day supply

Double pack of a tea duo that will awaken your fat metabolism and digestion, for a day and night body detox!

  • Increase your fat burning and lose more weight

  • Support your digestion and body cleansing

  • Relax before bedtime

  • Decrease tension and irritability

  • Great in the summer as refreshing and delicious iced teas

Contents: 1x 2x Daily Kick & Sleep Tight Tea - Special offer! 80 teabags/40 days

Sufficient for 40 days

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Power up with Daily Kick Tea, then wind down and detox while you sleep with Sleep Tight Tea!

Decrease bloating and fatigue, then get that flat tummy before you know it

Flush toxins from your body while you sleep

Get back your motivation to MOVE

Soothe your body and mind while you sleep


Let us help you get a fresh and energised body in just 20 days.

Looking for a fresh start? With TummyTox you'll bloom inside and out. Our herbal mixture will help you to a superb digestion, it will burn extra fat and detoxify your body.

Daily Kick Tea

Rise and Shine!

Everyone knows the importance of starting the day with a boost of energy.

  • Green Tea is well known for it's beneficial effects. It has a high polyphenol content and antioxidant, anticarcinogen, anti-inflammatory properties.
  • We chose nettle due, to its diuretic properties - get rid of bloating and start the day looking good.
  • Dandelion's job is to aid your liver and sweet fennel and caraway seeds are there to aid your digestion and reduce bloating.

Daily Kick Tea ingredients

Sleep Tight Tea

Allow your body to regenerate while you dream.

Sound sleep is key in any healthy weight loss. 

We only chose herbs that are famous for their relaxing properties.

  • Orange peel, hops, lemongrass, lemon balm and peppermint have all been used traditionally for calming the nerves and aiding sleep. 
  • The mix is also rich in antioxidants that help recharge your body during the night
  •  Let this herbal lullaby sweep you off your feet and carry you to bed.

Sleep Tight Tea ingredients


What is TummyTox - who are we?

TummyTox is a company of women, for women! Our mission is to help every modern woman feel good in her own skin. Our motto “In Love with Your Body, In Love with Your Life” describes us perfectly!

We collaborate with the best experts in the field to bring you the cleanest, safest and most effective food supplements on the market. We already have over 600,000 satisfied customers from all over Europe in our big TummyTox family!

We operate as a part of Sensilab group, a company with over 15 years of expertise in food supplement development and production. In collaboration with our experts we have designed many products that help cleanse your body, keep it healthy, energised and in top shape!

Are your products designed for weight loss even without dieting or physical activity?

All our products boost the effects of diets and physical activity. The speed and the amount of weight loss depends on every individual. Factors such as age, health, lifestyle, starting weight and weight loss goal should be taken into consideration. Food supplements are not a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.

How long should I use dietary supplements?

For maximum efficiency, it is recommended that dietary supplements be used for 3 months.

If I take dietary supplements, can I stop taking medication?

Definitely not! Food supplements cannot replace prescription medication. If you are taking any medication, please consult your doctor before taking any dietary supplement.

I have a medical condition, can I take dietary supplements?

If you have any medical conditions, please consult your doctor before taking any dietary supplement.

How safe are your dietary supplements?

All our dietary supplements contain high-quality ingredients from trusted sources. All ingredients and batches of products are tested for potentially harmful heavy metals and microorganisms. Our products contain nutrient concentrates or other substances with nutritional or physiological effects.

Sensilab food supplements are manufactured according to GMP and HACCP standards in modern production plants located in the European Union. All supplements are EFSA-compliant. Food supplements are not intended to replace a balanced diet, only to supplement it. 

Can pregnant or breastfeeding women use dietary supplements?

Supplements for weight loss should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women. Please consult your doctor before taking any supplement.

Can I give these supplements to my child?

All our weight loss supplements are designed for adults. Please consult a doctor before giving any weight loss supplement to your child.

All you need

Daily Kick Tea

20 teabags | Receive a 20-day supply

1 teabag

Once per day

Sleep Tight Tea

20 teabags | Receive a 20-day supply

1 teabag

Once per day, before sleep