5 steps for relieving your PMS symptoms

Do you feel like most of your month revolves around PMS and menstruation? Imagine this: You're having a presentation that can make or break your career. You've prepared for this moment, rehearsed your lines, and dressed the part. But all you can think about is the dull ache in your lower abdomen, silently begging you to curl up with a hot water bottle. 

And it doesn’t stop with physical symptoms. Have you ever caught yourself sobbing while watching a commercial one minute – you know, the one about a rescue puppy finally getting its forever home – and fighting the urge to launch the remote control across the room because you can’t find anything to watch the next? It's like riding an emotional roller coaster, and sometimes, you just want to get off. 

How to stop PMS from taking control of your life

If you’re nodding along, you’re not alone. You’re probably one of the 3 in 4 women who experience PMS-related symptoms every month. But now it’s finally time to break free from this cycle (pun intended) and enjoy your life no matter the time of the month. 

Cravings, mood swings, and more – decoding PMS 

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is your body’s way of giving you a heads-up that your period is on its way. It usually occurs 1-2 weeks before your period and brings a mixed bag of symptoms, from mood swings to fatigue, all while making you crave all the chocolate in the world. Even though some women experience milder symptoms than others, PMS can certainly disrupt your life

And if you find yourself feeling all flu-ish month after month and wondering what that’s all about, you’re probably experiencing another PMS symptom called “period flu.” Don’t worry, it’s not the actual flu, but symptoms like headache, fever, digestive distress, muscle aches, fatigue, and sore throat sure can mimic it! 

While period symptoms can be quite challenging to deal with, the good news is that there are natural ways to alleviate them. Let's explore our favourite tips to help you manage and reduce the discomfort of PMS. 

5 tips for dealing with PMS 

1. Nourish your body

Have you ever wondered why your cravings go wild just before your period? It all comes down to hormonal fluctuations. They can cause blood sugar to drop, making you want to eat a whole tub of ice cream. Plus, when those 'feel good' hormones, serotonin and dopamine, decide to play hide and seek, you’ll probably find yourself reaching for some instant mood-lifters. You know, the type of food that is far from healthy but hits just the right spot when you’re PMSing.  

To curb these cravings, opt for more whole grains and complex carbs that stabilize blood sugar and prevent dramatic spikes and crashes. Swap your white toast for a slice of wholegrain bread, regular French fries for sweet potato fries and consider exploring the wonderful world of legumes.  

2. Quality sleep is a PMS game-changer 

Is PMS making you toss and turn every night? Yet again, you can blame the hormonal changes. Not only do they mess with your sleep and make your dreams more vivid, but they can also influence anxiety levels.  

Try to make quality sleep your top priority during PMS and menstruation. Dim the lights, ditch your phone before bed, indulge in a relaxing bath, and listen to some soothing tunes. This will help you calm your nerves and lull you into sweet dreams

3. Kick stress to the curb

Does it ever seem like stress is sneakily plotting with your period to make your days tougher? You're not imagining it! Unfortunately for women, stress can have a direct impact on your menstrual cycle. High stress early in your cycle can lead to stronger period symptoms later. But don't fret; there are many ways to manage it. Our favourite picks include a relaxing massage, aromatherapy, and meditation

4. Don’t forget about exercise 

We know, we know, physical activity is the last thing on your mind when you’re feeling bloated, your breasts are tender, and you have a headache along with a bunch of other PMS symptoms. We’re not saying you need to run a marathon or spend hours sweating in the gym. A 20-30-minute workout that elevates your heart rate is all it takes to alleviate PMS symptoms.

The possibilities are endless; you can go for a brisk walk, hop on your bicycle or pull up one of the yoga videos crafted specifically to tackle period symptoms available online. The endorphins your body releases while you exercise will boost your mood and energy levels, dial down stress and pain, and improve your sleep

5. Embrace the power of PMS Balance 

While you're already rocking self-care with healthy eating, regular workouts, and beauty sleep, there's something even better you can add to your routine. With the right supplement, you can pamper your body from the inside out, giving it that extra love to dance through PMS like a breeze. 

PMS Balance is a natural-based formula designed to keep you comfy before and during that time of the month. It contains premium ingredients like magnesium, vitamins B6, B12, folate, biotin, zinc, lemon balm, lady’s mantle, saffron and black pepper

These incredible components work together to bring harmony to your hormones, instil a sense of calm, and uplift your mood

But that's not all this product has to offer; it also lends a helping hand in managing your weight, keeping your skin radiant, promoting restful sleep, and bidding farewell to tiredness and fatigue. 

Grab your PMS Balance now and get control of your period symptoms! 

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