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HELP! My belly blows up like a balloon in the summer!

You know that awkward feeling of tension in your stomach and the feeling of being inflated like a balloonDid you know that this problem seems to be more common in the summertime? 

As summer begins and we leave the long sleeves behind and take our short dresses out of the closet, our body might start changing. Our feet can often swell beyond recognition, and our favourite sandals might suddenly feel too smallWhy does the warm weather have this effect on us? And how do we fight it? Keep reading to find out... 

Why is bloating more common during the summer?

Swelling and bloating are nothing but excess water and toxins that accumulate in our bodies. We can also have problems with swelling in the winter but in the summer these problems double. Why? Due to the heat, our veins dilate and water accumulates in the body. Our blood vessels do not create enough pressure to "push" the fluid towards the middle of the body, towards the organs, so that it is properly distributed and balanced. 

Flatulence, in addition to retaining excess water, can also be caused by digestive problems when the body produces too much gas or the digestive muscles do not function properly. In other words, bloating causes the retention of excessive amounts of fluid or gases in our digestive system. We've prepared some tips for you so you can wear a bikini or tight t-shirts this summer without worrying about a bloated belly! 


Rule number 1

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drinking enough water stimulates kidney function and urine excretion. Start your day with a glass of water - especially in the summer. Of course, carbonated and sugary drinks don't count! Drink plenty of water and green tea. Anise, dandelion, fennel, birch, and other plants can also help reduce bloatingSome of these ingredients can be found in Daily Kick & Sleep Tight Tea, which is very effective against bloating and helps you get a flatter tummy more easily. 

Daily Kick & Sleep Tight Tea

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Rule number 2

Move more. Exercising helps our body process excess salt and fluid. A sedentary lifestyle can make bloating worse. At night, you can put a pillow under your feet to further stimulate the flowing of fluids. 

Rule number 3  

Reduce your salt intake, as it stimulates the retention of excess water in the body. Our daily intake should be 3-5 g, but we approximately consume around 11 g. It is not difficult to consume too much salt today because it is found in almost all foods, even those you would never expect. Foods that contain a lot of salt are: cheese, nuts, cold cuts, various snacks, etcSo, it would be best to avoid these in the summer. If your body is prone to retaining water and your legs and face often look swollen, try our Draining Drink. It is a 100% natural water retention remedy that will stimulate your lymphatic system. You'll be able to see and feel a difference in a matter of days!

Draining Drink Intense

A tasty drink that helps reduce water weight and helps gets rid of bloating.

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Rule number 4

Eat as many seasonal fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of water as you can. Watermelons, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and others can contain up to 90% water, ... Choose food that is low in fat and high in protein, like fish.

Rule number 5

Add probiotics to your diet. An unbalanced diet predominant in low-quality fats and simple sugars harms our microbiota. Especially if you don’t consume enough fiber. Not consuming enough fruits, vegetables and whole grains can affect the good bacteria in the gut. As a result, you will have an unbalanced microbiota and the predominance of harmful bacteria can lead to flatulence and bloating.

Rule number 6

Add digestive enzymes into your diet. If you eat a lot of processed foods and fast food, it can reduce the content of digestive enzymes in the body, leading to food being badly digested. This is how digestive problems begin, and consequently bloating. Adding enzymes to your diet in the form of a dietary supplement will help your body to break down food more easily, increase the absorption of nutrients, and reduce abdominal pain. Happy Enzymes will make sure that you use all the good nutrients from food, digest food better and get rid of unpleasant digestive problems. 

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