There's no weight loss without probiotics!

As we all know, probiotics are helpful bacteria that improve the function of digestive tract. Our microbiota (microflora) is exposed to stress, bad dietary choices, ageing, antibiotics and other medication that kill the good bacteria along with the bad. It's important that we replenish our microbiota by ingesting probiotics, either in the form of probiotic foods or dietary supplements


Why does it matter?

Studies have shown that probiotics help us lose fat, especially in the stomach and waist area. Certain strains correlate with weigh loss, meaning, if your gut is populated by them, you will have an easier time losing weight.

One study revealed that gut bacteria vary significantly between thin people and those with extra weight. It was shown that overweight people have about 20% more of the “bad” bacteria and 90% less of the “good” when compared to their lean counterparts.

How does it work?

Some bacteria lower fat absorption in the gut. Some balance the "hunger hormones" - leptin and ghrelin - they're in charge of telling your brain when you're hungry and when you're full.

When our microbiota is balanced, both hunger/satiety hormones function normally. When the balance is off, however, they can't regulate hunger as efficiently - we end up eating more.

Probiotics also play an important role in energyproduction. If your body is low on the good bacteria, your digestion isn't optimal. Your body has to expend extra energy to digest food which results in low energy levels in general.

You won't feel like exercising. If you're too tired to exercise, losing weight and burning fat becomes a lot harder.

What can I do about it?

It is absolutely crucial that you take care of your gut flora. Since it's not advisable to consume large amounts of milk and yoghurt (and other probiotic rich dairy products), experts suggest high-quality dietary supplements, like Slimbiotics.

 Probiotic cultures effectively aid weight loss in a natural and healthy way - by stimulating growth of the good bacteria, which then fight the bad bacteria.

Losing weight with probiotics growing in popularity, and with good reason - it's been proven that taking probiotics aids weight loss and contributes to microbiota balance.