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Summer, sun, sea, heat… and cold delicious drinks that will refresh you and help you keep a slim figure, or lose a few extra pounds!

No, we’re not talking about any drinks, we’re talking about our TummyTox drinks! Why they are a MUST in the summer months… find out below!!

Staying hydrated is very important during the summer, so you should hydrate as often as possible, but why not melt fat at the same time? Of course, you can do that, with our delicious drinks and teas, which we will introduce to you below.  .

Tummy Tea Pack

Tummy tea pack for effective fat burning and a thorough detox

Tummy Tea Pack -62%

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TummyTox iced teas

Our teas will not only refresh you if you prepare them as iced tea, but they will also cleanse your body, soothe you and flush out all the toxins in a natural way, so your body can start burning fat..

Daily Kick Tea gives you that real energy kick every morning, helps you with detoxification and the body’s natural regeneration process. A mixture of green tea, nettle, fennel, dandelion and black cumin revives, reduces bloating and boosts the metabolism. In addition, green tea also helps with weight loss. 

Sleep Tight helps you relax in the evening and sleep well all night. Orange peel, peppermint, lemongrass, lemon balm and hops will help your body rest, cleanse and regenerate during the night. Peppermint helps strengthen the immune system and kick-starts weight loss during the night, as good sleep is essential for weight loss. 

Skinny Me tea contains Pu-Erh tea which is known as a fat dissolver. The famous Chinese tea often drunk after mealshelps eliminate toxins from the body that block your weight lossIt improves digestion and aids fat melting! 

Draining Drink Intense 1+1 FREE

A tasty drink that helps reduce water weight and helps get rid of bloating.

Draining Drink Intense 1+1 FREE -50%

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Draining Drink

A delicious raspberry drink that you make in 1 litre of water and sip during the morning. Perfect! You can also add an ice cube and a mint leaf for even better refreshment! And its secret? This drink contains extracts of prickly pear, tendon, artichoke, parsley and Javanese tea - all of which are known ingredients for cleansing the body, helping excrete toxins from the body and serving to support the liver to cleanse and melt fat without problems. .

Draining Drink is the first step in losing weight (or maintaining a flat tummy), it expels excess water from the body which is the main cause of us being swollen and bloated in the summer!

Fat Burner

A delicious mango fat melter that provides by up to 16% more fat melting. Its secret is L-carnitine, the main ingredient that will prepare your body to use its own fat deposits to create energy. The effectiveness of L-carnitine is further enhanced by ingredients that have been scientifically proven to affect weight loss - mate and guarana tea. 

You can prepare it as an icy refreshment in the morning, or in the afternoon when you start feeling tired, because in addition to helping you melt fat, it will give you a lot of energy! 

Fat Burner Drink

Mango-flavoured drink for boosting fat burning.With this product we gift you a FREE Motivational Journal.

Fat Burner Drink -10%

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Night Burner

This is the only fat burner that works at night and helps your body regenerate and cleanse. Make it in the evening, a couple of hours before bed and enjoy the refreshing taste of lime on the balcony or terrace. 

It contains lemon balm extract which soothes and relaxes you, in order to help you fall asleep and sleep well (because good sleep is key to a slim figure!). It also contains chicory extract and dietary fiber to create a feeling of satiety and prevent evening bouts of hunger, and we also added Garcinia Cambogia, which is a well-known fat burner. 

Night Burner Drink

A delicious drink that helps boost fat burning and improves sleep.

Night Burner Drink -25%

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Replace your morning coffee with Tummyccino and feel a surge of energy. Or drink it instead of your afternoon dessert or ice cream so you won’t be craving for sweets. We added Garcinia Cambogia extract and green coffee extract to this super coffee to melt even more fat, and chicory inulin which contains prebiotic fibers which will help you feel full longer! 

Make it an Ice Coffee and refresh yourself with delicious coffee (without milk and additives) which will give you a lot of energy and help melt fat faster! 

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