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S.O.S. Bundle

3 fantastic products that work together to prevent the holiday food from accumulating on critical problem areas and help you get back in shape after heavy meals. 

  • Reset your body by flushing out excess water and toxins

  • Reduce bloating and swelling

  • Boost metabolism, increase fat burning and prevent new fat formation

  • Raise your energy levels

  • Curb cravings to cut calories


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People all over Europe are loving this bundle!


We packed this bundle with ALL the products you need to soften the damage - no digestion problems, no bloating and no guilt.

Suppresses appetite and food cravings

Gets rid of excess water and toxins

Reduces bloating and alleviates cellulite

Prevents new fat formation

Keeps your energy levels up


Prevents the holiday food to accumulate on critical body points, and helps to get back in shape after heavy meals.

The bundle is made from three fantastic products. They contain all-natural ingredients that will burn away the fat, boost your metabolism and help you reach your body goals, whatever they may be!

Draining Drink

Flush out the toxins!

Draining Drink helps eliminate excess water, which might be preventing you from efficiently losing weight and making you look bloated. Draining Drink works fast, resets the lymphatic system and makes sure that the body eliminates toxins.

Clinically-proven effects*:

  • Natural draining, eliminates toxins but retains essential minerals

  • Eliminates 27% more excess water and toxins

  • Decreases swelling and bloating by 60% in the first week

  • Visible results within the first few days

Ingredients Draining Drink

Slim Tummy Caps

Goodbye food cravings!

Slim Tummy Caps with Garcinia Cambogia fruit extract contribute to weight loss due to its perfectly balanced 100% natural formula.

The main active ingredient of Garcinia Cambogia is hydroxycitric acid (HCA). Most studies have shown that HCA has excellent effects on lowering body mass. It reduces the sensation of hunger (it reduces appetite). It also inhibits lipogenesis, meaning, it prevents fat cells from forming in parts of the body such as the buttocks, stomach, thighs and arms. In addition, it has beneficial effects on digestion - it boosts metabolism.

Ingredients Slim Tummy Caps

Skinny Me Tea

Tea that burns fat!

Skinny Me Tea helps with weight loss thanks to its mix of herbs and fruit extracts that were selected for their fat burning and metabolism-boosting properties. Skinny Me Tea will be your new best ally through your weight loss journey.

Upgrade your look and don't worry about calories this year with our S.O.S. Bundle, specially designed for girls like us!

Ingredients Skinny Me


1 Slim Tummy Caps before breakfast

Draining Drink 1 sachet

1 Slim Tummy Caps before lunch

Skinny Me Tea 1 teabag


1 Slim Tummy Caps before breakfast

1 Slim Tummy Caps before lunch

How to use:

Draining Drink Intense

1 sachet

In the morning

Skinny Me Tea

1 teabag

Once a day

Slim Tummy Caps

1 capsule

2 times a day