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Beauty Collagen Shots

10 vials | Receive a 10-day supply

Is there a way to keep your skin looking young and plump and your hair flowing and gorgeous? Is it possible to slow down the hands of time? Yes, and yes.

With Beauty Collagen Shots, you will nourish your skin from within thanks to premium marine collagen Naticol®, and give your skin that fresh, hydrated and radiant look! 2 out of 3 women are thrilled with the results!

  • Contains type I collagen, hydrolysed for maximum absorption
  • With added biotin – a.k.a. the beauty vitamin
  • Supports your own collagen production with vitamin C
  • Helps even your skin tone and reduce first wrinkles by 16.5%*
  • Packed in vials – take them with you anywhere – perfect for your summer vacation!
  • Natural forest-fruit flavour
  • Pure and microbiologically tested

Contents: 1x Beauty Collagen Shots 10 vials/10 days

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Collagen shots with premium marine collagen for glowing skin and healthy hair

Now you can carry the secret key to staying beautiful in your pocket!

Are you sure you're treating your skin well?

We all know age is our enemy, but did you know that 80% of premature skin aging and damage is due to outside factors? You may have forgotten about the times you got sunburnt – but your skin remembers it forever.

How to protect your skin and keep it glowing for years to come?

The answer is: collagen! Type I collagen represents 80% of the collagen in your skin. It's responsible for skin elasticity, firmness and strength. Did you know your collagen production starts going down in your 20s already?

Your diet should include enough nutrients to help your body produce its own collagen and maintain skin health. But if you are like most Europeans – it probably doesn't. That's why we added skin-supporting and beautifying vitamins, including biotin and vitamin C.

Beauty Collagen Shots to the rescue!

Collagen + skin-supporting vitamins

Support your own collagen production

Hydrate your skin from the inside

Keep skin and hair healthy

Reduce skin discoloration

Help prevent & improve wrinkles

Why are Beauty Collagen Shots better than anything out there?

Unlike the rest of collagens you might find on the market, Beauty Collagen Shots:

  • underwent rigorous microbiological & heavy metal testing and are guaranteed to be safe

  • contain patented collagen supported by clinical studies

  • contain hydrolysed collagen so your body can absorb it maximally

  • are based on type I marine collagen with traceable production and sustainable ingredients

  • come in vials and are easy to carry with youno mixing with water necessary!

  • no need for refrigeration – its vial form keeps the ingredients fresh and bioactive

Active ingredients

Beauty Collagen shots
Packaging (1 unit)10 vials
Daily dose1 vial
Net weight (1 unit)90 ml

Ingredientsin 1 vial%NRV*
Naticol® HPMG [fish collagen peptides]2500 mg**
Vitamin C60 mg75
Niacin16 mg100
Calcium6 mg100
Biotin50 μg100
Vitamin B11.1 mg100

*NRV = nutrient reference value | ** = nutrient reference value not available

How to use

The recommended daily intake is 1 vial, after a meal.

1 vial

Once per day

INGREDIENTS (in 1 vial)

Solvent: purified water; Naticol® HPMG [fish collagen peptides 2500 mg]; sucrose; L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C 60 mg - 75% NRV*); natural forest fruit flavoring; nicotinamide (niacin 16 mg - 100% NRV*); preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate; D-pantothenate, calcium (pantothenic acid 6 mg - 100% NRV*); D-biotin (c 50 μg - 100% NRV*); thiamin hydrochloride (vitamin B1 1.1 mg - 100% NRV*).
*NRV = (NRV) nutrient reference values.

Contains allergens: fish.


Recommended daily intake is 1 vial, after a meal. Shake well before use.


Recommended daily intake should not be exceeded. Food supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. A diverse and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. The colour, flavour and smell of the product may vary slightly from batch to batch due to natural variations in the properties of active ingredients. These variations have no impact on the overall quality and efficacy of the product.


If you are hypersensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients of this product or use medication consult your doctor before use. This product is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.


Keep out of reach of children! Store in a dark and dry place at a temperature between 15-25°C.


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