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Cute Booty Band - Light/Medium

A light/medium strength resistance band designed to target legs and glute activation!

  • Build your booty, tone your legs and shape your thighs anywhere
  • Intermediate resistance – great for all levels of booty building
  • Perfect for you if you can’t or don't want to use weights
  • Durable, comfortable and trendy

Contents: 1x Cute Booty Band - Light/Medium 0 none/ days

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Medium strength - Perfect for cuties that have very little or some experience with exercise!

Build that booty - Our booty bands are the perfect tool for glute activation exercises so you can really start to see those booty gains.

Workout anywhere - Having your booty band with you means that you don’t need any other equipment! Simply use your booty band in any of your favourite exercises. 

Easy to store - Our booty band comes with a super helpful zip lock bag to ensure you keep your gym bag tidy.