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20-Day Express Slimming

Receive a 20-day supply

The perfect combination of products to help you lose weight in no time: fight water retention, bloating and cellulite and burn fat overnight!

  • 2 slimming bestsellers in 1 package: our customers' favourite natural drainage drink and a delicious night-time fat burner.
  • Perfect for fast weight loss: cleanses the body of toxins and eliminates excess fluid.
  • Reduces swelling by up to 60%* and limits the appearance of cellulite.
  • Stimulates fat burning during the night.
  • Helps you sleep better and keep your appetite under control during the evening.

Contents: 1x 20-Day Express Slimming 30 bags/20 days

Sufficient for 20 days

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*Customers used a previous version of 3-in-1 Draining Drink. Try the new & improved version now!

Slimming down quickly is not impossible with the right approach!

Do you REALLY want to lose weight, but you're lacking in energy and motivation because you just can't see concrete results, despite all your efforts and goodwill?

Then you should definitely not miss out on this package, because it has been created especially for all women in the same situation as you! 20-Day Express Slimming is the ideal solution for quickly getting rid of the first extra kilos and preparing your body for the next steps on your slimming journey.

You just can't lose weight and you don't know why?

The reason may be that you have accumulated too many toxins in your body! Did you know that the more toxins you have in your body, the more fat is stored in an attempt to cleanse your body and allow your lymphatic system to function normally? 

Believe us, this situation is not out of the ordinary! After all, every day we are exposed to a large number of toxins, which are found almost everywhere: in food and drink, in the atmosphere, in cosmetics and in household cleaning products. Now you understand why it can be incredibly easy to become overwhelmed!

That's why helping your body cleanse itself is so important, especially if your goal is to get rid of those pesky extra pounds!

20-Day Express Slimming could be the breakthrough you need!

The most popular British draining drink + the delicious night-time fat-burning drink = the perfect combination for weight loss!

Promotes weight loss.

Purifies the body of toxins that prevent weight loss.

Reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Reduces bloating by up to 60%*.

Stimulates fat burning during the night.

Promotes healthy digestion.

It helps to relax and have a more restful sleep.

It takes care of liver health.

*The effects of the product may vary from person to person and may differ from those indicated on the website. 

Discover the benefits of these two incredible drinks!


Did you know that water retention is often behind that never-ending feeling of bloating and difficulty losing weight? But it's time to forget the days of despairing in front of the mirror, because you may have found the solution you've been looking for: Draining Drink!

Thanks to its composition of carefully selected natural ingredients, this incredible and highly effective draining drink is able to stimulate the lymphatic system to eliminate excess water and toxins from the body, to say goodbye to water retention and help you to finally start losing weight! 

What's more, 3-in-1 Draining Drink has a delicious raspberry flavour, which makes it much easier to meet your daily fluid intake quota, even if you're not used to drinking a lot!

See the ingredients of 3-in-1 Draining Drink


White nights, sleepless nights, energy underfoot, bad digestion... Aren't you tired of going through this ordeal every single day? But the good news is that you DON'T have to because you can finally turn things around with Night Burner Drink!

This drink not only burns fat more effectively while you sleep thanks to the power of Garcinia Cambogia, it also helps you keep your appetite under control in the evening, relaxes your mind and body and promotes sleep, so you fall asleep faster and get enough rest.

After all, a tired body finds it extremely difficult to activate the fat-burning process. That's why it's important to get quality sleep to help you lose those first few extra kilos

See the ingredients of Night Burner Drink

How to use the products from the bundle

3-in-1 Draining Drink

10 sachets | Receive a 10-day supply

1 sachet

Drink during the morning

Night Burner Drink INTENSE

10 sachets | Receive a 10-day supply

1 sachet

In the evening, before bedtimei