Vacuum Pore Cleaner

Contents: 1x Vacuum Pore Cleaner 1 unit/0 days



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Vacuum Pore Cleaner

Say goodbye to blackheads, enlarged pores and fine lines by including this miraculous blackhead vacuum into your beauty routine. No need for heavy-coverage foundation anymore, you’ll finally be able to post those gorgeous #nomakeup photos!

  • Best cordless vacuum pore cleaner with 7-in-1 action

  • 5 different suction heads

  • 3 power settings

  • Removes blackheads and minimises pores

  • Reduces fine lines and tightens skin

  • Exfoliates dead skin cells

  • Diminishes excess sebum (oil)

Contents: 1x Vacuum Pore Cleaner 1 unit/0 days

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Our e-book filled with tips, tricks and tasty recipes + access to our online-gym!

Are your pores clogged and enlarged?

Pores are like small pockets underneath your skin, but unlike most pockets, you’d like to keep these as small and empty as possible.

Pores clog for several different reasons:

  • Dead skin cells get trapped underneath the skin

  • Overactive sebum glands produce too much oil

  • Ageing – skin starts to lose elasticity and pores become enlarged

  • Stress – cortisol can trigger an overproduction of sebum

  • Hormonal changes – both normal and irregular hormonal imbalances influence sebum production

  • Seasonal changes – your skin produces more oil in certain seasons

  • Toxins – toxin and bacteria build-up may contribute to skin-irritation

  • Improper diet – too much sugar can lead to overproduction of oil in the skin

And once your pores are clogged, they stretch out and become more visible on your face, which also means that your blackheads become more prominent.

Why do we get more clogged pores in the summer?

Summer heat and humidity usually translate to more sweating and oil accumulation on the skin. This combined with dirt and bacteria can quickly lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Don't let it!

TummyTox Blackhead Vacuum Pore Cleaner will gently remove impurities from your pores, deep-cleansing your skin and keeping it as blemish-free as possible. For a flawless summer look!

Standard blackhead removal methods can do more harm than good

The three most popular blackhead and zit removal techniques used by women today actually do little to cleanse the pores and essentially only irritate your skin, damage your upper skin layer and even scar your skin!

A cleaner, safer and more effective way to deal with impurities!

Blackhead Vacuum Pore Cleaner is simple to use and effectively removes all the gunk that’s stuck deep in your pores by sucking it out!

The light suction of the Blackhead Vacuum Pore Cleaner literally vacuums the impurities out of your skin:

  • removing blackheads, impurities and excess oil,

  • lightly exfoliating the skin, leaving it smoother,

  • improving microcirculation in the skin,

  • lifting and tightening the skin, and reducing double chin appearance,

  • massaging the skin, improving its elasticity and reducing fine lines.

It is the most hygienic at-home way to remove blackheads and deep-cleanse your skin! Get the beauty salon treatment at home and for a fraction of the cost.

The 7 easy steps of your new cleansing routine!

  • STEP 1: Steam your face or use a hot towel for 3-5 minutes to open up your pores.

  • STEP 2: Gently pat your face dry with a towel. Dry your hands.

  • STEP 3: Insert a dry filter sponge in the filter cup and put a silicone ring onto the base.

  • STEP 4: Cover the filter cup, then choose your suction head and install it onto the device.

  • STEP 5: Press the power button and choose suction intensity (blue light – low strength, for dry skin, green light – medium strength, red light – maximum strength, for oily skin. Use the appropriate level to avoid bruising.

  • STEP 6: Gently move the blackhead vacuum remover along your skin side to side with smooth, even motions, without pressing down. To prevent redness or bruising, never stay on the same spot for more than 3 seconds. Do not press down hard with the device and do not move it vertically.

  • STEP 7: Clean the suction heads after every use.

Choose between 5 suction heads

Why we LOVE the Blackhead Vacuum Pore Cleaner?

Removes stubborn blackheads

Exfoliates and deep-cleanses the skin

Improves skin microcirculation and elasticity

Reduces wrinkles and fine lines

TummyTox Blackhead Vacuum Pore Cleaner

Blackhead Vacuum Pore Cleaner includes: 1x electric Vacuum Pore Cleaner, 5x head, 2x silicone ring, 1x USB cable, 5x filter

Cleaning and maintenance: 1. Use cotton swabs/pads and alcohol to clean replaceable heads. 2. Clean the filter sponge with soap and warm water. Make sure the filter dries before next use. 3. When necessary, change the filter sponge and use a cotton pad/swab and alcohol to clean the filter cup. 4. Do not wash the instrument with water.

Warnings: Do not use on damaged skin or post-surgery! Stay away from abrasive skin products (e.g. scrubs) before and after use. Do not press the suction head hard on your skin to prevent too strong of a pulling force. Switch between heads since using the same part continuously may cause skin redness. This product is not recommended for pregnant women and people with cardiovascular disease. This product is not suitable for those with physical, sensory or mental disabilities or lack of experience and knowledge. Keep out of reach of children! The appliance should not be disposed of with your other household waste. Correct disposal will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health.

There is no need for changing sponges and silicone rings after each use, as long as you carefully clean the probes. Dirt and excess sebum are collected on the surface of the probes and can barely reach the sponge. Sponges and silicone rings can be changed after using the device for a longer period of time, or when the sponge is too dirty to be cleaned.

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