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Shape Me Shake 1+1 FREE & FREE Shaker

Whey protein powder for the best sport shake, perfect for cooking and baking.

16 g protein + 5 g fiber + 11 vitamins

  • Dietary supplement with sweetener (contains naturally occurring sugars)
  • Packaging: 2 x 450g
  • for 30 portions
  • + a FREE Shaker

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Food supplement


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Are you ready for a fresh start and body transformation?

A protein drink that knows what a woman needs!

Shape Me Shake with its innovative formula helps you reshape your body and make you feel and look good!

  • Revolutionary 16 g of whey protein and 5 g of quality dietary fiber with casein added will make sure you feel full for hours.
  • It contains whey proteins, hyaluronic acid, Q10 and 11 vitamins, so you will get everything you need to feel and look your BEST!
  • Green coffee extract and L-carnitine help with weight loss by blocking absorption of sugar and melting fat.
  • All this in a drink that contains only 105 calories!


Weight loss is easy if you start it right. Avoiding added sugar, including high fiber content, fast and slow digestible proteins and high quality weight loss ingredients to your diet will make sure you achieve the desired results in no time.


What makes Shape Me Shake so effective?

It's simple! Protein drinks are very effective for weight loss. We have improved our Shape Me Shake drink by adding a lot of healthy ingredients which other protein drinks don't have.


1.Protein drinks are great for muscle mass, but they don't keep you full for long time

2. Have little or no fiber

3. Have no added vitamins

4. Have no weight loss ingredients

5. Have no real nutrients

6. Contain large amount of sugar


1. The combination of whey protein and casein ensures a longer feeling of satiety (stops the sugar cravings that ruin your efforts) and helps protect your muscles during weight loss

2. 5 g dietary fiber not only to reduce hunger, but also to calm the intestinal flora, support digestion and weight loss

3. Green coffee and L-Carnitine make this shake a real weight-loss helper - as they stop the absorption of sugar and speed up weight loss.

4. 11 vitamins that provide important nutrients in low-calorie diets.

5. We are not hiding anything. The drink contains 105 calories and 4.4 g of carbohydrates , of which 1.5 g of sugar + 11 vitamins, the whole spectrum of amino acids, 5 g of fiber and 5 additional ingredients for body shaping.

You need a proof?

These are the two most important facts we considered when we created the Shape Me Shake drink:

  • The addition of dietary fiber reduces the risk of gaining weight and fat in women, regardless of physical activity and fat consumption.[1]

  • Studies have shown that adults who increased protein intake without changing their diet lost weight much faster.[2]

Shape Me Shake 1+1 FREE & FREE Shaker


Availability: In stock



Choose your package:
100% Money-back Guarantee on Satisfaction
Handled, shipped and delivered within 3-5 working days
Free shipping for orders over £50
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What's hidden inside


They provide a high degree of satiety and help maintain muscle mass.
It helps digestion, improves the feeling of satiety and helps to lose weight.
It significantly increases the digestion of proteins, which makes the body more at will. Helps with muscle regeneration after training.
It converts fat into energy and prevents fat from accumulating in the body.
It helps maintain tissue moisture and thus improves skin hydration and preserves its youthful appearance.
Neutralizes free radicals and reduces oxidative stress.
They work by preventing the absorption of carbohydrates, reducing the absorption of sugar and encouraging the use of fat for energy.
Active ingredients u 30g %NRV*
Whey protein concentrate 16,98 g **
Inulin 4,68 g **
Calcium caseinate 2,7 g **
L-Carnitine 210,3 mg **
Bromelain powder 159 mg **
Green coffee bean extract - chlorogenic acid 105 mg (47.3 mg) **
Vitamin C 49.5 mg 61.9%
Vitamin E 4.8 mg 40%
Hyaluronic acid 9 mg **
Niacin 8.1 mg 50.6%
Coenzyme Q10 6 mg **
Vitamin A 439.5 μg 54.9%
Pantothenic acid 2.67 mg 44.5%
Vitamin D3 2.67 μg 53.4%
Vitamin B1 0.81 mg 73.6%
Vitamin B6 0.81 mg 57.8%
Vitamin B2 0.81 mg 57.8%
Folic Acid 106.5 μg 53.2%
Vitamin B12 2.4 μg 96%

* = NRV (nutrient reference values) ** = nutrient reference values are not established

Food supplements with sweetener; Alergens: whey, milk, soy

Nutrition declaration U 100 g U 30 g
Energy 1483 kJ / 353 kcal 445 kJ / 106 kcal
Fat 6,2 g 1,8 g
- of which saturates 3,3 g 1 g
Carbohydrate 15 g 4,4 g
- sugar 5,7 g 1,7 g
Fiber 16 g. 4,9 g
Protein 51 g 15 g
Salt 1,5 g 0,45 g
Add 1 level scoop (30 g powder) and 300 ml of water into a shaker and shake for 40 seconds.
If you are hypersensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients of this product or use medication consult your doctor before use. This product is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Made in a plant that also manufactures milk, egg, gluten, soy, crustaceans, sulphur dioxide and nuts containing foods.
The recommended daily intake should not be exceeded. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. A diverse and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.
Keep out of reach of children! Store in a dark and dry place at a temperature below 25°C.
"(In one serving size 30 g): whey protein concentrate 16,98 g; inulin 4,68 g; calcium Casein (contains milk) 2,7 g; maltodextrin 1,5 g; fat-reduced cocoa powder; Thickener: cellulose gum; L-carnitine L-tartrate (L-carnitine 210,3 mg); Emulsifier: lecithins (soy); flavorings; bromelain powder 159 mg; salt; calcium salts of orthophosphoric acid 132 mg; green coffee bean extract 105 mg (chlorogenic acid 47,3 mg); corn starch 81 mg; Sweetener: Sucralose; magnesium oxide; L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C 49,5 mg - 61,9% NRV *); DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E 4, 8 mg - 40% NRV *); hyaluronic acid 9 mg; nicotinamid (niacin 8,1 mg - 50,6% NRV *); coenzyme Q10 6 mg; retinyl acetate (vitamin A 439,5 mikrogramů - 54,9% NRV *); D-pantothenát, calcium (pantothenic acid 2,67 mg - 44,5% NRV *); cholecalciferol (vitamin D3 2,67 mikrogramů - 53,4% NRV *); thiamin mononitrát (vitamin B1 0,81 mg - 73,6% NRV *); pyridoxinu hydrochloride (vitamin B6 0,81 mg - 57,8% NRV *); riboflavin (vitamin B2 0,81 mg - 57,8% NRV *); Pteris oylmonoglutamic acid (Folic acid 106,5 mikrogramů - 53,2% NRV *); D-biotin; cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12 2,4 mikrogramů - 96% NRV *). * NRV = nutrient reference values. Contains allergens: whey, milk and soy. Nutrition declaration: Energy: 1483 kJ / 353 kcal (per 100 g), 445 kJ / 106 kcal (per 30 g); Fat: 6,2 g (per 100 g), 1,8 g (per 30 g); of which saturates: 3,3 g (per 100 g), 1 g (per 30 g); Carbohydrate: 15 g (per 100 g), 4,4 g (per 30 g); of which sugars: 5,7 g (per 100 g), 1,7 g (per 30 g); Fiber: 16 g (per 100 g), 4,9 g (per 30 g); Protein: 51 g (per 100 g), 15 g (per 30 g); Salt: 1,5 g (per 100 g), 0,45 g (per 30 g). "

2 x 450 g
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Shape Me Shake 1+1 FREE & FREE Shaker