Dr. Greger's 21 scientifically proven weight-loss tactics

We can maintain a healthy lifestyle by making small changes, and the same rule applies to dieting. Today we'll introduce you a list of small changes that you need to make in order to keep your diet under control.


Whether you are struggling with being overweight your whole life, or you have just recently experienced weight gain, we always want to know how to lose weight effectively and in the long run.

Dr. Greger, an American physician, author and father of Nutritionfacts.org, has always had answers to the question of which is the healthiest diet. But in 2019, he offered his scientific opinion on how to eat to lose weight effectively and maintain the achieved slim figure.

In his recently published book "How not to diet", in addition to extended explanations of plant-based diets, low-fat and whole grains, he noted down 21 tricks that everyone on a weight-loss mission has to know.

21 weight-loss boosters, according to Dr. Greger

Dr. Greger extracted the most important information from his extensive study and put together a mini list of tips and tricks you should perform every day in order to lose weight.

Every time you make a meal:

1. Drink water before every meal
2. Eat low-calorie food, such as celery, before every meal
3. Add 2 teaspoons of vinegar to every meal
4. Think about the food you eat, don't be distracted
5. Chew more thoroughly, eat slowly and take short breaks so your meal lasts at least 20 minutes

Every day

Use spices: 

   6. Black cumin
   7. Brown cumin
   8. Garlic
   9. Ground ginger
   10. Nutritional yeast

11. Drink green tea
12. Hydrate
13. Avoid using refined flour
14. Eat breakfast like a queen, have normal lunch and light dinner
15. Eat with the Sun
16. Exercise before breakfast and lunch
17. Monitor your weight
18. Acknowledge your achievements

Every night

19. Stop eating around 7 pm
20. Get a good quality sleep
21. Adjust your bed to the right angle

Dr. Greger diet against other diets is explained 

At first glance, it might look like Dr. Greger asks for too much from people who are already struggling with eating habits anyway. But in his book, he explained that his diet can only be a guide but also a 100% diet plan - it all depends on the reader.

In general, Dr. Greger has never approved of any food that comes in a box - he is a fan of the whole plant-based food. Numerous studies on the positive effects of consuming healthy foods can be found in the book - such as fresh vegetables, flax seeds, oats, beans and berries.


Unfortunately, he left out many other studies that have been proven successful for losing weight by some other means. This is the reason he is being criticized for - that he is biased.

But his advice - taken with a grain of salt - is valuable and good for health.

In short, he suggests that people should eat foods that are:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Pure
  • High-fibre
  • With a high water content
  • With a low glycemic index
  • With little added fats
  • With little added sugar
  • Less addictive foods
  • With fewer calories
  • With little meat
  • With little processed fats
  • With little salt
  • With low insulin index  


Looking at the advice of Dr. Greger how - not - to be on a diet, we can see that we already knew most of these rules. These are the same tips our grandmothers taught us. Eat vegetables, drink water, do not eat too late and go to bed early.

If you are looking for an effective weight-loss solution, focus on what you already knew you had to focus on: eat as many real, unprocessed, colourful foods as possible. Enjoy your body and move every day, any way you want. Relax and treat yourself to a good night's sleep. It is a way of life and every change for better counts. And here we completely agree with Dr. Greger!!

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