The best 50 songs for your workout music playlist

Summer is just around the corner and it's time to get back in shape... This is the best time to start with a full body detox and make physical activity your everyday routine.

And as we all know, the first step is always the hardest one and sometimes finding the right motivation to run or visit the gym can be really a lot. That's why we TummyTox girls have prepared some useful tips and our list of favourite songs that will definitely motivate you to exercise!


A few tips before your next workout

1. You should always do stretching and warm-up exercises before physical activity. Whether you're planning on jogging, going to the gym or just working out at home, it's always super important to prepare the right muscles well for the workout. 

2. You should always stay hydrated during physical activities, so don't forget to bring a bottle of water! And before your workout, it's best to drink a beverage that will give you more energy and help you get better results, like Carni Max Shots!

3. Not sure how many reps to do on each exercise? That depends entirely on your goal: to gain muscle mass, doing 3-4 reps is ideal. If your goal is to improve your muscle definition, you can even do up to 10 reps, but of course it all depends on your physical fitness. If you haven't worked out in a long time, you should start with a lower number of repetitions first.

Create a workout playlist that will motivate you!

This is our playlist:

1. "Higher Love" - Kygo and Whitney Houston

2. “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” - Daft Punk

3. “Turn down for what?” - Dj Snake and Lil Jon

4. "Breathin" - Ariana Grande

5. “Work b***h” - Britney Spears

6. “Five Hours” - Deorro

7. “Revolution” - Diplo

8. “God is a Dancer” - Tiësto and Mabel

9. “Nice for what” - Drake

10. “Lose Yourself” - Eminem

11. “Pump it” - The Black Eyed Peas

12. “Chun-li” - Nicki Minaj

13. “Can’t hold us” - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

14. "Kiwi" - Harry Styles

15. “I like it” - Cardi B, Bad Bunny

16. “Butterfly Effect” - Travis Scott

17. “Wow” - Post Malone

18. “Power” - Kanye West

19. “Old Town Road“ - Lil Nas X

20. “Mia featuring Drake” - Bad Bunny, Drake

21. “Paris” - Kohh

22. “If you don’t call” - Sol

23. "Thunder" - Imagine Dragons

24. "Girls Like You" - Maroon 5

25. “God’s Plan” - Drake

26. "On Top of The World" - Greek Fire

27. “Lucid Dreams” - Juice Wrld

28. “Good as Hell”- Lizzo

29. “Wake Me Up” - Avicii

30. “Don’t Let Me Down” - The Chainsmokers

31. “Titanium feat. Sia” - David Guetta

32. “Anything Can Happen“- Ellie Goulding

33. "Stronger" - Kelly Clarkson

34. "Ritmo" - The Black Eyed Peas, J Balvin

35. "I like it" - Cardi B

36. "Sicko Mode" - Travis Scott feat. Drake

37. "This is America" - Childish Gambino

38. "Running For My Life” - Karli

39. “Hate Me” - Ellie Goulding with Juice Wrld

40. “Sucker” - Jonas Brothers

41. “Senorita” - Shawn Mendes featuring Camila Cabello

42. “Bad Guy” - Billie Eilish

43. “Boyfriend“ - Ariana Grande & Social House

44. “Motivation’” - Normani

45. "Look What You Made Me Do" - Taylor Swift

46. "Me Too"  - Meghan Trainor

47. "Hair"  - Little Mix

48. "My my my!" - Troye Sivan

49. "Ayy Macarena"  - Tyga

50. "The Light is Coming"  - Ariana Grande feat. Nicki Minaj

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