A fat burner that works while you're watching your favourite movie!

We won't lie to you, fat burners are more effective if you work out. However, there are some that work even when you're not doing anything. So why not burn fat while watching your favourite film or relaxing with a good book? If you just don't have the time (or the energy) to work out every day, we've got something for you. And it tastes like mango.


How do fat burners work?

Fat burners boost metabolism. This means they increase the speed and reduce the time it takes for your body to expend energy it received from food) or they increase internal body temperature slightly, thereby also increasing fat burning.

Our Fat Burner Drink works by doing both things. It's a big hit with girls all over Europe already. Now with a natural mango flavour! Try it yourself!

What are fat burners, anyway?

They are a mix of herbs with proven fat-burning effects (green tea, cayenne pepper), caffein and L-carnitine - they slightly raise body temperature, which has a bigger effect on fat burning.

They are suitable for you if:

  • You you want to burn fat and sculpt your body quickly and efficiently
  • You are short on time to work out
  • You've been let down by diets
  • You want visible results during your diet, even if you're not working out

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