The best tea pack for slimming

If you have a sweet tooth and want to have a flat tummy without excess fat and bloating, these teas are for you! Our Daily Kick & Sleep Tight Tea Duo are not only delicious, they also work! Let us explain why...


1. If we want to lose fat, we have to start by detoxing our bodies

Our teas are actually a mix of ingredients for detoxification and fat burning. That's why they're the best combination for weight loss. How do they work?

Sleep Tight Tea cleanses your body during the night so that you wake up fresh in the morning with a body that's ready to burn fat, which is where Daily Kick Tea comes in! Yes, it's really true, Daily Kick & Sleep Tight Tea make this happen!

2. Green tea aids weight loss

The most important ingredient in Daily Kick is green tea. Numerous studies show that flavonoids and caffeine in green tea boost your metabolism, increase fat oxidation and even increase insulin activity. A study has shown that those who consumed green tea lost on average 1.5kg over a 12-week period without having to change their diet.

3. Turn fat deposits into energy

The blend of green tea, nettle, dandelion, fennel and cumin in Daily Kick Tea reduces swelling and boosts metabolism. Daily Kick has another very important ingredient: dandelion, which helps eliminate toxins from your body and also excess water that makes us look more bloated than we really are. This combination of ingredients and green tea burns fat and turns it into energy!

4. Relax and sleep like a baby

Do you remember the last time you slept for the whole night? Do you wake up feeling exhausted, confused, demotivated? Not only are your brain and body exhausted, but also your fat cells!

Sleep Tight Tea's ingredients (orange peel, peppermint, citronella, melissa) will help your body relax and regenerate during the night without any stress. So even your body will be ready to burn fat!

5. Hop is not just an ingredient in beer

Do you feel relaxed after drinking a beer? This is not only because of the alcohol. The main ingredient in beer that relaxes us is actually hop, which is also found in our Sleep Tight Tea! Hop is a great ingredient for relaxation, stress reduction and, of course, better sleep!

6. Peppermint helps you relax

One of the main ingredients of Sleep Tight Tea is peppermint. It helps restore your body during the night. It makes you fully relax and also helps you sleep well so that you wake up in the morning ready to melt fat.

The best tea pack for slimming

Daily Kick & Sleep Tight Tea contain carefully selected ingredients that help you reach your weight-loss goals. They are completely natural and can be used long-term, so that you keep enjoying your perfect figure!

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