Let’s get one thing straight, giving up sweets is a great start if you want to lose weight, but it’s not enough! Relying on this approach has two major downsides. One, it won’t give you the quick results that you crave. Two, you’ll have to keep fighting temptations, constantly. However, there is one thing you definitely SHOULD do. So, let’s start.


You have to keep it flowing

Efficient weight loss is all about boosting our main body systems. But there’s one system that plays a crucial part in how we burn fat, and how fresh and lean we look. It’s called the lymphatic system. To get the body you want (and deserve!) you need to get it into shape.

ABC of lymphatic system

Here’s a mind-blowing fact: you have twice as much lymph as you have blood! The vessels of your lymphatic system are working around the clock to pump fluid around and out of your body.

If it’s not in top shape, you’ll notice it immediately. Not being able to fit into your favourite jeans or strappy shoes, getting trouble putting on or taking off your ringsinfuriating. Feeling bloated, low on energy and having dry skin – super frustrating.

If your lymphatic system is clogged, no diet will help you lose weight. The most obvious reason is, the excess water itself will make you look rounder and heavier than you really are. But there are 2 less obvious ones.

1.)    More water – less oxygen – slower fat loss

All this extra water is pushing on your blood vessels and impairing your circulation. What does this mean? Less oxygen reaches your cells, and as we all know, oxygen is a must if you want to burn anything, from your ex’s t-shirt to body fat. The less oxygen reaches your cells, the less fat you’ll be able to burn!

2.)    You’re leaking fat

Wait, what? Ok, you’re not actually leaking fat (though it would be amazing) but your lymphatic vessels may be. You see, it’s not just water coursing through them, it’s also the fats you eat. The lymphatic system is a transport system for getting the fats from your intestine into your bloodstream.

If the fluid in the vessels is not flowing, the fats may be leaked into the surrounding tissues. There, they are happily reunited with already existing fat cells (making them bigger), or trigger the formation of new ones. This complicated process is also known as getting chubby.

What to do?

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