Detoxing vs Dieting: Which one is right for you?

Have you ever found yourself lost in an ocean of endless diets and detoxes? It seems like everywhere you look, someone is trying to convince you that you’re doing one thing too much and the other too little, but nonetheless, nothing right.

But let me tell you one thing: out of all the people that decide to follow a diet plan to lose weight, 1/3 of them end up gaining even more! And you might wonder: why is that even happening? 

Gaining confidence and losing weight is hard work. It's not just eating less, exercising more and maybe even harming your body with wrong approaches. Consistency is key. Find a routine suitable for your needs and stick to it.

So, what’s a girl to do? You’ll find the best option for you, of course – and we will help you with it.

diet or detox, which one is right for you

What's the difference between dieting and detoxing?

Like many things in a girls' life, choosing the optimal diet or body detox can also be confusing. Let's take it step by step. First, you need to know the differences between them to decide which diet plan or detox cleanse will work best for you.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about the word ‘diet’ is weight loss and getting thinner. But a diet is actually the food you eat by your choice, that's all. The weight management industry fostered the term diet and made it (in)famous for becoming a tool to lose a few pounds.

Most women go on a specific, “life-changing” diet to lose some weight. They often choose a fasting diet because it promises quick results. Although fasting alone is not that bad at all, it takes an essential thing from you – happiness. A fasting diet requires not eating, famously, for 16 hours or even longer – a day, two, three, or even more. Of course, eight are for sleeping, but what about the rest of the time? In the world of constant hustling and increasing hormonal imbalances, this should not be your first choice. Yes, you might lose weight, but at what cost?

Many women are on a diet because of health conditions – and that shows to be beneficial! Apart from the gluten-hating community, some of us actually need the gluten-free diet, cholesterol-lowering diet, or Mediterranean-style diet (this one has a magic touch to make you feel like you are on a vacay even though you’re in the office).

Another famous weight-loss routine is body detox. In short, a cleanse detox helps eliminate toxins from your body (not just from food, but from the environment too) by consuming specially selected herbal extracts that are believed to promote detoxification.

The main difference from a diet is that a body detox goes beyond weight loss; it also promotes improvement of your overall health. Detox means cleansing your organs and digestive system from toxins. Their main goal is to fill your body with vital nutrients, fight bloating and inflammation, and support hormonal balance and the liver.

Here's some of the most popular detoxes:

  • Sugar detox: This one is hard to swallow for girls with a sweet tooth. This detox asks for sugar elimination and a vegetable and fruit increase! You can increase your energy levels, clear skin, support your gut, and lose weight!
  • Alcohol detox: The name tells it all. Besides being the popular party buddy, it’s also poison for our liver, so an occasional break will do wonders for your body. P. S. We hear that weight loss is a common side effect.
  • Ayurvedic cleanses: From inside to outside and vice-versa. Breathe in, breathe out. This one involves an ayurvedic diet, yoga, specific herbs and supplements to balance your body’s natural energy! The most famous plus of this diet is better digestion and prevention of many diseases.

The pros and cons of detoxing and diets

Sadly, all things in life have a darker side, including detoxes and diets. We understand how infuriating it can be to be lost in the flood of information, so we’re here to explain the different kinds of body detoxes & diet plans

Meeting the Diet family

When you come upon a promising diet, be aware of a few red flags. If it’s promising super-fast weight loss, it’s probably because it promotes too low-calorie intake and, therefore, nutritional deficiency (from which you could end up cranky and exhausted).

If another diet promotes only one type of food, that’s the perfect recipe for nutritional imbalances (and hormonal!). Your plate should consist of all food groups, including protein, fat, and fibre!

And now, the most popular one – the influencer’s diet. If it’s coming from a paid actor to promote it, it sounds fishy to us. Remember: if they’re not qualified for the topic, don’t believe it.

But if you come across a Mediterranean, Low GI, or Dash diet, you are in the right place! Diets that promote increasing vegetables, fruits & whole foods and avoiding saturated fats are the ones that scream green flags. The mediterranean diet is the gold standard of preventive medicine as it may reduce the risks of many diseases. A low GI (low glycaemic index) diet is perfect for weight loss as it promotes low-carb & whole-food meals and is flexible! To look dashing, you should probably go on a Dash diet. It can help reduce sad feelings with meals rich in fruit, veggies, and low-fat dairy.

Getting to know the Detox

Detoxes are usually less invasive, but let’s still discuss the pitfalls: Some of them restrict eating solid foods and promote juices and smoothies only (that’s living on a straw – poor turtles!) and can result in not consuming enough calories. Some promote skipping meals to ‘give your digestion a break’, which could mean insufficient energy for a boss babe like you. 

We know your main goal is a full body reset with a metabolism boost and digestion support – and, most importantly, saying goodbye to toxic food and drinks (and people).

But let’s bring sunshine back and shine on the positive side! A body detox has many benefits that go hand in hand with removing toxins. With flushing out gunk, it can also flush out extra pounds. With the absence of toxins, the inflammation in your body is reduced, and your immune system blooms. With detox comes beauty – nails get stronger, hair gets longer, and skin gains glow. And the biggest plus is more energy to be the girl boss you are!

Can I benefit more from diet or detox?

All of us have different bodies. If you have a certain condition that could benefit from changed nutrition, we recommend consulting with your doctor or a certified nutritionist to start a healthy diet! We promise you that your body will be grateful.

Otherwise, a healthy diet can keep your gut happy, bones strong, and immunity blooming. If you’re planning to be a mummy, remember that a good diet supports healthy pregnancies and breastfeeding and lowers the risks of many diseases.

If you feel overwhelmed, think you gained a few unnecessary pounds, your skin is breaking out, and you’re really not feeling yourself, a cleanse detox is probably the best choice for you.

And not just any detox. The best choice would be something with a sustainable holistic approach that fights bloating, supports metabolism and gut microbiota, promotes strong skin, nails, and hair, and also promotes immunity and enhances overall health. Okay, that sounds a lot and impossible. But what if we made it possible?

Defying the odds with Slim Detox

In the first 10 days of your new weight-loss plan, you will kick start detoxification and fight water retention with a refreshing glass of 3-in-1 Draining Drink.

Starting your mornings with a cup of tea sounds just perfect. A delicious blend of green tea, nettle leaves, dandelion, sweet fennel, and caraway seeds will start fat burning and boost metabolisim in the early hours with Daily Kick Tea.

Sleep Tight Tea will help you get a good night’s rest – essential for a healthy metabolism and curbing cravings. A cup of this tea will help you relax and sleep deeper.

Weight loss and detox starts in the gut. Taking good care of your gut microbiota will boost detoxification, support digestion and have a positive effect on your immunity and energy levels! Love your gut with Good Gut and boost your weight loss!

This isn’t your typical slimming bundle – it supports weight loss, gut microbiota, sleep, immunity, detox, skin, hair & nails growth and decreases bloating. And it comes with a cute free water bottle to keep you hydrated. 

What’s inside?

  • Daily Kick Tea for a metabolism boost and fat burning.
  • 3-in-1 Draining Drink to fight water retention and boost your body detox.
  • Sleep Tight Tea for restful sleep and relaxation.
  • Good Gut with 11 probiotic strains is your digestive system bestie.

It’s not about detox versus diet. The key is understanding your body and giving it what it needs. And sometimes your body just needs some rest from everything it does for you.

Show your body & yourself some love, and start today!


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