Weight loss begins with good digestion!

Our digestive system contains 80% of all immune response cells, which is why intestinal health is absolutely crucial for maintaining strong natural immunity. It also plays an important role in weight loss.


Your intestine supplies you with nutrients and energy. An off-balance gut flora wreaks havoc on digestion and may cause illnesses worse than just a bloated belly. We don't want that. Despite being aware of the importance of a healthy gut, we tend to treat it quite badly. So how do we care for it properly?


Probiotics ensure that microbiota (a.k.a. microflora) are balanced in favour of good bacteria and other microorganisms. If the balance is disturbed, the intestinal walls (mucosa) become a physical obstacle between the nutrients and your organism. Probiotics are therefore beneficial bacteria that live in your intestines. Their role is to fight pathogenes (the bad bacteria) that cause different illnesses. Our gut flora is constantly under attack by stress, ageing, antibiotics and other medication, so it needs to be renewed and replenished. We do this by taking probiotics, either with food or dietary supplements, such as Slimbiotics

Digestive Enzymes

Enzymes support good digestion and efficient food utilisation by your body. They are quite sensitive substances that are destroyed in the process of food preparation. They are the most important element of digestion: they help us lose weight efficiently and maintain a high level of natural immunity. Digestive enzymes are responsible for quick breakdown of food. They also play a role in our body build, our weight, our well-being and mood. The more enzymes you take in, the lower your odds of cellulite, water retention, depression, lethargy and fatigue become. Their health effects have been most studied in relation to indigestion, acid reflux, flatulence, diarrhea, constipation and the feeling of fullness. The easiest way to get enzymes is by taking a high-quality supplement such as Happy Enzymes

Enzymes and Probiotics - Slimming?

Good digestion is a prerequisite for weight loss. As mentioned above, both enzymes and probiotics contribute towards it. When your digestion is good, waste products are eliminated from your body. When there's a standstill, it means waste products are decomposing in your organism - you won't feel good, you'll feel tired, unable to concentrate, even shakey. Enzymes and probiotics also play big roles in energy production. If your body is low on good bacteria, your digestion gets worse and your body must expend extra energy on digesting food. You'll feel this as general tiredness and lack of motivation to work out. 

To sum up, probiotics and digestive enzymes will help you lose weight in a healthy way, all the while feeling vital and energised.