Are Your Ready for the Flu Season?

Experts warn that the so-called Aussie flu might be the worst that UK has faced in 50 years!


What are the symptoms?

You might be feeling fine one minute, then just a few hours later you might barely function. The flu comes like a steamroller. Aside from feeling crummy, there’s coughing, exhaustion, fever, headache, sore throat and stuffy nose. Symptoms can last from 7-10 days. Who has time for that? Not us!

How to avoid getting it?

The obvious solution is to get a jab, but you should also be diligent with your hygiene - wash your hands as soon as you get home and definitely before handling food. Avoid closed or crowded places and stay well away from people who’ve already got it – this year’s flu is especially contagious!

In addition, you can improve your immunity with a healthy lifestyle. Spend a lot of time outside, stay active and dress warm.

Make sure you get plenty of vitamins! Leafy greens, whole foods and fresh fruit & veg should be a staple during this outbreak (they should be a staple in general, but we all know how that goes). Drink plenty of water as well, as it helps to flush toxins out of your system.

We’re here to help!

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