Five tips for a happy and healthy vagina

Your vaginal health is an important part of your health and femininity, and it’s what helps you feel confident and vibrant. Are you taking good care of your most delicate area? 

Keeping your intimate area clean and using contraception to protect it is essential for keeping everything balanced. But nutrition plays a big role, too! Especially if you’re prone to vaginal infections. 

Here are five ways to help your vagina feel her best self – healthy, happy, balanced & comfortable. So you can continue enjoying your life to the fullest! 

5 tips for a happy and healthy vagina

The real causes of vaginal infection

Your vagina is the most delicate part of your body, and it’s a true sanctuary of balance. And it deserves the best and gentlest care, so it can remain healthy. 

Unfortunately, it seems like you can’t always control that. You delicately wash it and use protection during sex, but somehow, you’re still experiencing one vaginal infection after the other. 

It’s a game of frustration that is making you question everything from your choice of laundry detergent to the cosmic alignment of the universe. But don’t worry, we’re here to explain why that happens. 

You see, your vaginal health is not just about hygiene. It’s also about what you nourish yourself with. Just as roses bloom when you water them, your intimate area flourishes with the right nutritional balance.

It all starts with the vaginal pH balance. Typically, the vaginal pH is more on the acidic side (that’s because of the good bacteria). This is what prevents yeasts and other harmful bacteria from overgrowing. 

When this balance is off, though, bad bacteria take over, and you might start experiencing things like itchiness, clumpy white discharge, and unpleasant odour. These are all signs of a vaginal infection. 

Now, this can really impact your everyday life. The discomfort itself is enough for you to not want to hang out with your friends. But most of all, it might knock down your femininity. What makes you you. 

This can make you feel pretty powerless, especially if you’re dealing with repeated infections. Your confidence might take a big hit, and it can make you feel really self-conscious in an intimate setting with your partner. 

While this is a frustrating place to be in, you don’t have to be embarrassed! Most women go through it at least once in their life, while many deal with repeated infections. But we have some tips to help you reclaim your confidence and vaginal health.  

Five tips for preventing your next vaginal infection

While you might have stumbled upon some home remedies like yoghurt douching when searching for solutions, they usually aren’t effective and can actually make matters worse. Try our five tips instead – your vagina will thank you. 

1. Only wash your vulva 

Your vagina is delicate, and it actually cleanses itself. That’s why it’s best to stay away from any type of douching. This will only irritate the area more. 

Your vulva (the outer part), however, is the one that could do with a bit of help. But try to avoid perfumed products that can mess with the natural vaginal pH. Stick to mild and fragrance-free soap, or better yet, just warm water.  

2. Stay dry 

Bad bacteria thrive in damp environments. Avoid staying in wet swimsuits or sweaty underwear for too long, as this usually gives a vaginal infection a VIP pass. 

After a workout or swimming, make sure to wash up, pat yourself dry, and change into something clean and dry. 

3. Cotton is your friend 

While those lacey, satin undies look oh-so-cute, they might not be the best for your vaginal health, as they’re not very breathable. Opt for cotton underwear that allows your vagina to breathe. 

This helps prevent moisture build-up, keeping you feeling fresh all day long.  

4. Choose looser trousers 

You might love those skinny jeans, but your vagina might feel a bit restricted. There’s a lot of friction and lack of airflow that mess with your vaginal pH and lead to one vaginal infection after the other. 

Pick trousers with a looser fit or size up. The extra breathing room will make all the difference. 

5. Start taking a vaginal probiotic 

While no one is putting yoghurt in their vagina anymore, the idea behind it is still relevant. That’s to prevent infections at the source by rebalancing the vaginal flora with good bacteria. 

Luckily, there’s a better way to do that, and that’s with probiotics for vaginal health. These can be taken orally or vaginally and are super helpful in taking care of the vaginal pH by increasing the number of good bacteria and maintaining healthy vaginal acidity. This protects the vagina from infections in a completely natural way. 

Choose comfort and confidence with For Her vaginal probiotic 

Unfortunately, not all probiotics for vaginal health have the right bacteria to rebalance your vaginal flora. 

On the other hand, the For Her vaginal probiotic contains the good Lactobacilli bacteria that are present naturally in your vagina and are the first line of defence against harmful microbes. By keeping their numbers high, you can effectively stop repeated infections and all the discomfort that comes with them. 

All the strains have been carefully selected for their effectiveness in boosting levels of good bacteria. This results in a more balanced and stronger vaginal flora that only welcomes comfort and confidence. And it’s super easy to use! All you have to do is take one capsule a day orally. 

So, grab your For Her vaginal probiotic and start enjoying your life again. You deserve it!