The hottest workout out there!

Doesn't matter if you love going to the gym or cannot stand working out, we are confident you don’t hate a good old roll in the hay. Since most of us love a nice passionate session in the sheets we did you a favour and did some research.


How many calories do you burn during sex?

Different studies have shown different results, but it looks like having sex burns from 3 to 7 calories per minute. According to a study conducted by University of Montreal, during an average session (25 minutes), women burn 69 calories and men tend to burn around 100. However, lasting longer (or doing it more times) will burn even more calories.

It's not just about the "how long" but also about the "how" - the right position will burn more calories. Jaiya Kinzbach, American sexologist, says that you can burn up to 200 calories in half an hour if you take control, get on top, and work your tights and hips.

This means vigorous sex can be as effective an aerobic workout as jogging! Besides calorie expenditure it will also give you a boost of endorphins that will make you feel relaxed, joyful and may even help aleviate pain.

Of course having sex instead of a workout is a bit of a stretch, but these facts should still give you something to chew on. Since it's been clinically proven that Tummy Teatox Fat Burner drink with L-carnitine, guarana and green tea extracts helps burn 16% more fat, 5 times faster due to its thermogenic effect. . . maybe we actually did come up with the hottest workout out there!

Additional benefits of having sex on a regular basis

On more serious note, sex does have numerous benefits – for weight control and health. It has an anti-stress effect, those that have it on the regular sleep better, it improves your heart health, your immunity and lowers your blood pressure.

Not bad, right?