How to stop vaginal infections in the summer

Here comes summer with its hot weather, beach vacations and if we're lucky, some pool-side relaxation. Sipping on that ice-cool mojito while you relax sounds like heaven. But unfortunately, for a lot of women, summer can bring repetitive vaginal infections. 

Let this summer be the last one you spend researching how to get rid of vaginal yeast infections. This year is all about how to prevent yeast infections in the summer for good!

How to stop vaginal infections during the summer

Why do I get yeast infections in the summer?

As a woman, your vacation bag is probably packed with SPF, good books, and ... prescribed treatment for vaginal infections

It seems like every year’s the same, and you've just accepted your fate. But why did infections become a recurring event for you?

Yeast and bacteria thrive in warm and humid environments. Sadly, wet swimsuits and sweaty shorts create perfect habitats for them.

It gets uncomfortable, itchy, and pretty awkward. But you’re not alone – around 75% of women experience it at least once per year!

It's time to break the curse and find a way to avoid getting an infection in the first place

How to avoid yeast infections in the summer?

Taking care of your vaginal health in the summer (when you’re supposed to be having fun) can be challenging. We prepared a few tips to stop the vaginal infection from ruining your well-deserved vacation.

1. Stay dry and fresh

Packing a second pair of bikinis in your beach bag is the simplest way to prevent the yeast from thriving. After swimming or exercising, change out of wet or sweaty clothes as soon as possible. This way, bacteria doesn’t stand a chance, and you get to show off your new bikinis!

2. Ditch perfumed douches and soaps

Vaginal hygiene is a top priority of every woman, but it's best to avoid using harsh soaps. They can disrupt your vaginal flora and make it easier for bacteria to thrive. Instead, look for douches with a 3.8 to 4.5 pH or wash your lady parts with warm water.

3. Say no to candy and cake

Although easier said than done, you should know that the culprit causing vaginal yeast infection just loves sugar! This candy-loving criminal is a fungus called Candida. The good news is that it hates anti-inflammatory, acidic, and fermented products.

4. Be smart with your antibiotics

Certain medications, although necessary for your health, wreak havoc on your vaginal microbiota. You shouldn’t stop taking the prescribed medication, but you can outsmart the negative effects. In fact, many healthcare providers recommend probiotic supplements to be taken alongside antibiotics.

How to get rid of vaginal yeast infection naturally

We can go on and on about how to avoid yeast infections in the summer, but sometimes life gives you yeast (although you’d be happy with lemons).

If you happen to have a vaginal infection, don’t worry. There is a natural way to ease the symptoms and bring the fun side of  summer back.

The all-in-one solution to prevent and ease vaginal yeast infections

When vaginal infection disrupts your perfect summer, probiotics are your best friend as they strengthen your vaginal microbiota. But not just any probiotic strains. To save yourself from yeast infections, look for probiotics with proven effects on the genital tract.

The superstar probiotic strain is called Lactobacillus rhamnosus CA15 – and For Her vaginal probiotic is packed with it, along with 6 other probiotic strains!

Lactobacillus rhamnosus CA15 has been clinically proven to restore vaginal balance in just 10 days

This probiotic strain has another clinically proven gem: it relieves vaginal discomfort for more than 50*% of women! And the best part is that when you stop taking For Her vaginal probiotic, your microbiota will stay balanced for at least 30 days.

For Her vaginal probiotic formula is enriched with prebiotic fibre, zinc, biotin, cherry stems, and oat extract. These natural ingredients support your whole urogenital system and strengthen your immune system.

Don’t let vaginal infections ruin your vacation

Vaginal infections can turn summer into a gloomy season. Instead of relaxing on a floatie in the pool, snuggling with your significant other, and living your life to the fullest, you're forced to cancel all your plans. Don't let that be you.

Pack your bags with For Her vaginal probiotic, and don’t lose a single well-deserved day of vacation!


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