Keto basics: Everything you need to know!

The ketogenic diethas become superpopular – everyone is raving about its effects - and for a good reason!Numerous studies are showing it can be a complete game-changer when it comes to losing weight effectively


What is keto?

A ketogenic diet is a very low-carb, high-fat diet. The drastic reduction in carb intake puts your body into a special metabolic state - ketosis - in which your body burns fat instead of glucose for fuel.

When cut down on carbohydrates, it limits your body’s supply of glucose, which is usually the main source of energy for the cells. Instead, your body turns to fat: it converts fatty acids into ketones which are small energy molecules that fuel your muscles and brain.

Keto and weight loss

Several studies have shown that following a very low carb diet can bring about better results than a low-fat diet. It generally involves only consuming 20 to 50 gramsof carbs per day and going heavy on meat, fish, eggs, nuts and healthy oils, while moderating your protein consumption too. 

The best thing about keto is that the diet doesn’t leave you feeling hungry. 

2 important elements of a successful keto diet 

With such amazing weight-loss potential, you are probably tempted to give keto diet a try. For best results, keto should be accompanied with:

1) exercise (high-intensity interval training is the best one to opt for) and

2) supporting food supplements. 

Supplements have proven to be of great help in reducing side effects of the diet (thirst, fatigue, irritability, light-headedness) and in maintaining a natural balance in your body. 

Support your progress with MCT Slim Drink

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Slim Drink is undoubtedly one of the winners in the supplements aisle as it can help your body switch to using fat for energy and thus burn your fat reserves much faster. It’s super-convenient to use: just mix it with water to make a creamy coconut drink and you’re good to go!