Did you know you could lose belly fat with oranges?

Are you ready for a juicy secret hiding in Sicily that can help you lose stubborn belly fat? Right now, the weight-loss world is obsessed with Morosil, the red orange extract.

Morosil won the ingredient of the year award in the weight management category in 2023 and is currently a hot topic on social media. We all know that true beauty comes from within but, at the same time, we can’t help wanting to look the very best we can. Let's explore what this Sicilian fruit has in store for fighting belly fat.

can you lose belly fat with oranges

What is Morosil?

You're probably wondering what on earth Morosil is. It’s a natural ingredient developed to help with targeted fat burning (in the belly area) and weight management. Morosil comes from the Moro variety of blood oranges (red oranges), believed to have originated in Sicily at the beginning of the 19th century.

Blood oranges are very picky when it comes to growth conditions. They flourish in the rich and fertile volcanic soils around Mount Etna, and due to their mysterious looks, flavour and benefits, they are known to be more expensive than regular oranges.

The blood orange gets its name from its scarlet, blood-coloured flesh. It is packed with anthocyanins, a group of antioxidants, which can be found in purple, red, and blue fruits and veggies. 

Moro red oranges became famous for their stronger flavour and more pleasant citrusy scent than other types in the orange family. But they skyrocketed in popularity when the world recognised Morosil’s potential in weight loss.

A study confirmed incredible results in just 12 weeks (that’s only three months!) of supplementing with Moro juice:

  • Participants lost up to 3 kg of weight
  • Participants reduced their waist size by up to 7.5 cm
  • Participants decreased their hip size by 6 cm

Scientifically proven effect on weight loss

Blood oranges have many benefits besides having the catchiest name. 

  • They are packed with anthocyanins, which may help prevent inflammation and benefit your memory and brain health in general.
  • As well as other citruses, blood oranges are rich in vitamin C, which protects you from oxidative stress and have a role in transforming food into energy.
  • Surprisingly, they also have high amounts of folic acid, which is essential for the immune system and reduces tiredness and fatigue.
  • Lastly, vitamin A transforms white fat tissue (the one you don’t want) into brown fat tissue (the one that helps you burn calories).

So, if your belly and hips drive you nuts, Morosil red orange extract may help you lose that unwanted weight.

Researchers tested Morosil’s effect on weight loss in a six-month study. The study’s conclusion revealed that the group that consumed Moro blood orange extract succeeded in achieving a healthier body mass, lower BMI, better fat distribution, and smaller waist and hip size.

If this proof wasn’t enough, they did another study. In this one, participants consumed 400 mg of Morosil daily for three months (12 weeks). And as expected, they lowered their BMI and lost 4% of their weight!

And would they be scientists if they didn’t test it for the third time? They tested the blood orange juice effect on chubby mice. The results confirmed Morosil’s weight loss benefit even in mice, as it reduced their belly fat by approximately 50%.

But there’s one thing you have to remember! Those participants (except for the mice) also made some healthy lifestyle choices, such as exercise and calorie reduction. No magic potion can make your fat vanish into thin air; there are only high-quality extracts that speed up the process and help you see results faster. And Morosil has been proven to be the best of the best.

7 tricks for the fastest belly fat loss

We know how bad it feels when you’re not confident in your body. Everyone is searching for tips on how to burn fat, but it’s not always the best choice to listen to your coworker – it might work for her, but not for you.

We looked far and wide for a solution that would help you lose any excessive fat, and we have selected the very best of them.

Here are 7 tricks to lose belly fat:

1. Get enough sleep. (and no, 5 hours of sleep isn’t enough). Although you’re constantly hustling, avoiding sleep can cause a lack of concentration, consuming more calories, and the only thing you gain is weight. It would help if you strived to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night.

2. Drink one glass of wine, not two. Alcohol has many unnecessary calories that can contribute to accumulating belly fat while you’re having a good time. Instead of drinking multiple alcoholic drinks (which are often full of sugar), try to limit yourself to one drink or just order a lemonade and show the group how it’s done.

3. Eat lots of fibre, such as fruits, veggies, legumes, and oats. Soluble fibre absorbs water in your body and makes you feel fuller. The easiest way is to include it in every meal – oats in the morning, spinach for lunch, and a salad for dinner.

4. Cardio all the way. Cardiovascular exercise, such as walking, jogging, hiking, and even cycling and rollerblading, is the most efficient activity to burn upper belly fat and lower belly fat. Try to include it in your daily routine, even if it’s just a brisk walk.

5. Lifting weights is the go-to for building muscle in your belly and thighs (and it’s also the fastest way to burn calories). Strength training can help you sculpt your whole body, and you can even do it at home! Search YouTube for some home workout videos, and you may be surprised by the results of those exercises.

6. Take a break from sugar and trans fats. Sugary drinks and salty snacks are packed with calories. One sweet drink has as many calories as a whole meal, so avoid them for at least one month, and you’ll understand why you weren’t losing weight even though you weren't eating so much.

7. Try Morosil supplements for targeted fat-burning. Some herbs and spices, with natural fat-burning properties, can be concentrated in supplements to enhance metabolism and trigger thermogenesis (burning fat and calories without exercise). And Morosil specifically targets the belly area.

Most popularfat-burning extracts

Many believe that food can actually burn fat, but we’re here to deliver facts, not myths. So instead of searching for fat-burning foods, keep an eye on the herbs.

The actual power is in herb extracts. Why, you may ask – it's because they don’t have calories, and they support weight loss by speeding up the metabolism and digestion and even igniting thermogenesis.

We extract natural fat-burning compounds from herbs through a specialized pharmaceutical process, increasing their concentration, making them more potent than the whole herb

And they are so easy to incorporate in your diet!

With just one capsule, you can obtain the same amount of fat-burning compounds that would otherwise require consuming large quantities of food or herbs (that might not taste as good as you wish).

The best fat-burning extracts to look out for are:

  • Cayenne pepper extract increases your metabolism, and because it is spicy, it makes you hot (pun intended) - by raising your temperature, your body burns calories.
  • Green tea is one of the most popular fat burners on the market because it can speed up metabolism and even help break down excess fat.
  • Caffeine can boost your metabolic rate and even curb your appetite, but when you build tolerance, it stops working. This is sad news for many of us who can’t start the day without a warm cup of coffee.
  • Morosil red orange extract has been tested in many studies, and it is proven to be effective in losing weight.

For the best results, it’s best to make small changes in your lifestyle and trust that you can do it if you just believe in yourself.

Goodbye belly fat, hello flat tummy!

Consuming all those herbs and extracts in your daily routine sounds really complicated. Should you sprinkle them on your meal or eat a spoonful of cayenne pepper? Should you eat a whole bag of Moro oranges to get the best results?

To save you from all that hard work, we packed the strongest fat-burning herbs and 400 mg of clinically-backed red orange extract Morosil® in each capsule of Belly Shaper from Tummy Tox.

Each capsule activates natural thermogenesis, so you start burning fat without even feeling it.

We included MaxiTherm® cayenne pepper extract to help you harness extra weight-loss benefits and added black pepper extract to increase the absorption of other ingredients. We also added green tea extract to support your metabolism and natural thermogenic activity.

Without vitamin B6, transforming food into energy wouldn’t be possible. This vitamin also helps you reduce tiredness and fatigue, so you’re always full of energy to make your dreams come true.

Forget about the struggles with belly fat. All you need is a strong will, good music, and a pack of Belly Shaper to feel confidence flowing in.


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