The best ways to lose fat according to your body type

Have you ever tried on the same style of jeans as a friend, but on you, they didn't look half as good? Do you have really lean arms, but larger-than-you'd-like hips and thighs? Or do you struggle to tone your upper body, but your legs and hips are slim? The answer to your shape may be in the way your body stores fat.

By defining your true body shape and understanding how you’re built, you can easily focus on losing weight and burn that annoying fat (wherever it’s stuck right now).

So, step in front of the mirror and check which type you are!

Best ways to lose weight according to body shape

Stocky body type

Do you have broad shoulders and chest, and your PE teacher told you that you’d be a great swimmer? Then you have a stocky body shape. Your body fat is focused on your upper body, and you appear more muscularthe only right thing for a strong woman like you. It gives you a more powerful look, and you look more athletic, so own who you are and be confident.

Having a little extra weight around your upper body can happen because of not-so-great eating habits, or lack of phyiscal activity, or having one too many glasses of Aperol Spritz. But more often than not, it’s the usual culprit – your genetics that dictate where you store fat.

You were born with ‘strong bones’, and an increased body fat storage. You've probably noticed that you store fat easily and have difficulty losing weight. But don’t lose all hope!

Focus on toning your legs and booty with exercises like squats and lunges, to help balance your upper and lower body. You can also spice up your workout routine with cardio like jogging or biking to help slim down and shape your figure. For sleek shoulders you need to focus on overall weight loss.

To speed up the process, you can turn to fat burning supplements. The best one for you is L-carnitine which helps you burn 24% more body fat during your workout. And it ensures that your fat is used for energy instead of being stored on your upper body! You can find L-carnitine in Fat Burner Drink.

Another tip: Fill your plates with delicious veggies and wholegrains to keep your diet high in fibre. It’s also best to reduce cooking oils to lower your intake of unnecessary fats.

Curvy body type

You just won the lottery! Lots of women dream of having a curvy body shape, or an hourglass figure. To qualify as curvy, it doesn’t matter how skinny or rounded you are. Your measurements around your bust and hips are bigger than around your waist

But we get it; sometimes those measurements are a bit higher than you'd like. Your body may store (too much) fat on your hips if you over indulge in processed food, sugary drinks or too many refined carbohydrates (like cakes, pizza, bagels).

It’s also part of a woman’s nature. You produce way more oestrogen during your reproductive years (than in non-reproductive years) and that can affect fat storage around the hips.

To shape your bust area, you can include push ups, chest presses and weightlifting in your workout. To target fat on the hips, you can do a few sets of spot running, jumping squats, pike push-ups and V-tucks. These exercises help tone your booty and burn any unwanted fat. Including yoga, cycling, swimming and/or jogging in your lifestyle can burn any excessive fat around the bust and hips and give you a more toned look.

As for your diet, focus on healthy fats (avocado, nuts, fatty fish) and protein, that helps repair and build muscle. To include more protein in your meals, try adding eggs, lean beef, chicken, and low-fat greek yoghurt.

Fat burning supplements can really save your day. Fat burners are designed to stimulate hormonal action in your body to break down fat and use it as a fuel, so your weight loss becomes easier with the right support. Fat Burner Drink burns fat where it matters, raises energy levels and keeps burning calories hours after exercising!

Pear body type

Apart from being a delicious fruit, pears are shaped wider at the bottom and slimmer at the top. In pear-shaped women, the upper body is slim, but they tend to carry the weight on the hips and thighs. Usually, they have a toned waist and smaller shoulders and bust compared to the hips. Sounds like you?

You gain fat easily around the waist, butt and thighs. Similar to the hourglass figure, you have those fat deposits on your hips because of oestrogen production. Hips can also get wider when you spend your days mostly sitting at work, at home and during your leisure time. Add a lack of sleep and extra snacks and you have yourself a pear body shape.

But that’s nothing that can’t be solved, so we prepared some tips and tricks to burn the unwanted fat storage in your hips and thighs. Although it seems difficult to lose, you can boost fat burning with strength training and daily movement! If you’re sitting all day, your body will be grateful for a 30-minute walk around the block.

Also, try to include more protein in your lunch and dinner - opt for salmon with salad or veggies, or treat yourself with some greek yoghurt with berries on top for dessert! And try to make beauty sleep a priority – sleeping for 8 to 9 hours can be magic for losing weight.  (If you have trouble falling and/or staying asleep - Night Burner Drink will be your new best friend!)

To prepare your body for effective fat burning, it’s smart to prioritise detox. Flushing out all the excess water in your body makes it easier for fat burners to work. Draining Shots help you flush out all the toxins stored in your body and even lose a few pounds from water weight. Then you can follow up with Fat Burner Drink and Belly Shaper, which help burn out the fat in the hip and belly area. You can get all of these products in our NONSTOP Fat Burning Bundle – check it out.

Apple body type

If you’re an apple body shape, you probably have fat deposits around your belly area that are making you rounder than you'd like to be. You also wear at least one size bigger on the top than you do on the bottom. You're probably self-conscious about your less-than-defined waist that and that your shoulders and bust area are larger than your hips. Save your worries for another day as we’re here to explain why this happens and how you can shape your body.

The main reason may be because you drink and eat more calories than you actually need. If you catch yourself drinking one too many cranberry vodkas, this could be the reason too, as alcohol tends to store fat around the stomach. But it can also be a consequence of genetics, stress or a sedentary lifestyle.

To trim that waist of yours, focus on the classics – eating healthy and keeping active! Foods like pizza, white bread, and potatoes (especially fried) can make your weight loss harder, so try swapping them for wholegrain options, and veggies. For apple body shapes, longer (30 minutes +) cardio sessions work best, and help you burn more fat. Pick a beautiful mountain you always wanted to visit and try to catch the sunset by hiking there!

There are a few fat burning supplements that can help you out! One of them is Belly Shaper, it's specifically designed to burn fat around the stomach area. With Morosil extract and other premium ingredients it focuses on belly fat burning – statisics show (from a recent study) that it boosts fat burning by 33% and reduces waist size by up to 7.5 cm!

Skinny fat body type

You might think ‘what the actual frick is that!?’ But it’s actually a really common body shape. You are a normal weight (or maybe even underweight), but you have a higher proportion of body fat than you should

To put it another way, the percentage of your body that consists of fat is really high. You're at risk for some future health problems with blood sugar and other issues.

If you’re wondering how to reduce your body fat percentage, prepare for some easy lifestyle changes.

Get more sleep (that’s an easy one) and start strength training – it can be in the gym or at home with some weights or even water bottles! Fill your plate with protein and throw away refined carbs and sugary drinks – let water fufil its’ purpose and hydrate you. If you want to get there faster and more efficiently, try some fat burning supplements, that contain L-carnitine (like Fat Burner Drink), and are focused on reducing that extra fat. 

The Non-Stop Fat Burning Bundle you’ve been looking for

Your search for fat burning supplements is over. Instead of torturing yourself and prolonging your weight-loss efforts for months, this bundle groups all the slimming bestsellers to successfully burn fat in only one month. It doesn’t matter if you’re an apple or a pear body shape, this bundle works for all body types, as it activates fat burning all over the body whilst targeting the most affected areas (whether that's your belly, your thighs or your arms).

Wanna know how to take the products for the best effect? Read on!

We start with Draining Shots in the morning, to help your body detox, and flush out excess water and toxins - a must to prepare your body for more effective fat burning during the first 10 days. To make your morning even more enjoyable, Tummyccino gives you a gentle boost of energy and helps speed up weight loss.

Packed with L-carnitine, Belly Shaper helps you reduce stomach fat by 50% and makes you feel like weight loss is in fact, easy-peasy.

Take Fat Burner Drink before your daily activity (whether it’s a walk, hiking or weightlifting). The L- carnitine in this drink helps you burn 24% more fat during your workout, and the refreshing mango flavoured drink keeps you hydrated and boosts your energy.

To calm down and switch off before going to bed, drink a glass of Night Burner Drink. This one supports your beauty sleep, helping you sleep more soundly. And most importantly, keeps the fat-burning magic going throughout the night – all while you’re fast asleep!

We put a lot of thought into this bundle and grouped the best fat burning supplements for women. Reshape your body and label it as the perfect body type you always wished for.

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