An alarming percentage of the population doesn’t get enough sleep. It’s no secret that a human body needs a solid 8 hours of sleep (some can get away with just 7.5). However, on average we only get about 6.8 hours of sleep.

It’s not just about the amount of sleep that’s concerning, the quality of sleep is alarming as well. It can ruin our health and can actually make us gain weight.

And now ask yourself: When was the last time you got 8 hours of sleep and felt refreshed and full of energy in the morning?


A study published in Annals of Internal Medicine showed that “[sleeping] less than seven hours per night can reduce and undo the benefits of dieting.” How come? Well, the majority of your dieting efforts are undone by:

  • Making the wrong food choices
  • Upsetting your hormonal balance, which makes you more prone to storing fat
  • Burdening your liver and slowing down the process of fat metabolism

Not good, huh? The same study showed that sleep-deprived people lose their fat at a 45% slower rate than those that are well-rested.

The sleepy brain craves high-calorie food

Imagine a set of twins. One only got a few hours of restless sleep and the other one is well-rested. When they pass a pizza stand, the sleep-deprived twin can't control themselves. Even though they're on a diet, they can't resist. In contrast, their sibling has no problem saying no to greasy yummy pizza.

We consume fat to reduce stress

Like Examine puts it: “It seems [...] brain [...] responds more strongly to food when sleep-deprived.” You may know this from your own experience: when we lack sleep, we crave particularly fatty, high-calorie food. (source) In a single day, a sleep-deprived person can eat 1000 more calories than a well-rested one. The worst thing is, we might not even realise it. It’s an impulse. It’s the way our bodies compensate for the lack of energy.

While junk-food cravings may be a survival instinct, the other explanation is that “fat is a stress reliever for the tired brain” as Examine.com stated. In addition, one study (source) showed that we crave more saturated fat when we’re tired. If you’re already overweight, this can be very damaging to your heart health.

We don't sleep well because we eat late and we eat late in the evening because we don't sleep well...

Even though that slice of pizza or a single scoop of ice cream won’t ruin your diet on its own, it’s the frequency and the bad timing that will do it. One study (source) showed that the sleep-deprived crave caloric, fatty food late at night. They just can’t help it.

It’s a vicious cycle, really. . . The later in the day you eat, the worse you’ll sleep because your digestion will keep you up. And the less sleep you get, the more you’ll crave food late at night. Eventually, you may give up on your weight-loss attempts because you're not seeing results.

Like one (source) of the many studies nicely puts: “There’s a wealth of evidence to suggest that sleep deprivation is associated with obesity.

Fatty liver and adrenal fatigue are just the consequence

The food is not the only issue. Our bodies tolerate occasional bad decisions quite well, provided we’re healthy, our liver is in good shape and we're not overly stressed. Unfortunately, our cortisol levels spike when we don’t get enough sleep. (source)

This slows down our natural fat-burning process and can burden our liver so much, that it starts encasing itself in fat.

Up to 60% of the general population has an overburdened liver. Well, low-quality sleep (or a lack thereof) is a huge contributing factor. With liver problems and increased cortisol, losing weight in a healthy way is virtually impossible.

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