5 signs that the body is overburdened with toxins that are blocking weight loss

Isn't it unfair how the numbers on the scale won't go down no matter what you do? Do it the right way this time and get results in just 15 days!


Unfortunately, even though the human body is well-equipped to eliminate toxins, having a body overburdened with toxins is very common, due to low-quality food, poor lifestyle habits and an environment full of toxins.

The lymphatic system, liver, kidneys, and the digestive system are all working together to keep the body healthy, fit, free of excess fat and toxins.

That said, the human body was never equipped to battle SO MANY toxins, bacteria, xenohormones and pollution. When too many toxins pile-up, it's time we jump in.

If you're experiencing 2 or more of the below symtoms, it means your body might be suffering from a toxin overload:

  1. You are accumulating fat around your waist
  2. You simply cannot lose weight or at least not a substaintal amount
  3. You are tired all the time
  4. You're bloated and your limbs areoften swollen
  5. Your skin lacks the healthy glow and you can't get rid of cellulite

Wondering how toxin overload and weight gain are connected?

It's simple – when your body is overburdened with toxins it cannot eliminate harmful micro-elements efficiently and fast enough, so it hides toxins away to protect itselfWhen toxins are not removed, fat cells come to protect us from the harmful impact.

To put it simply, our body hides toxins in our excess body fat.

If excess fat is not removed, the problem simply advances to the next stage (think inflammation) and we store even more fat and the elimination of toxins gets even harder.

To lose weight would mean melting the cells where toxins are locked up. And your body does not want to release them.

How to flush out toxins and lose weight

Since weight gain and toxins pilling up are tightly connected and complement each other, it's best to detox and lose weightat the same time.

The better we are at eliminating toxins, the less fat we'll need to store. The more fat we melt, the more toxins we'll be able to flush out.

IMPORTANT: It is very important that the detoxification organs are working properly so that the toxins escaping thefat we burnt can leave the body as soon as possible. This must be your top priority! This is the only thing your body wants and will do at that stage: release the hidden toxins – just make sure they're eliminated quickly and safely.

Eliminate toxins from your body with 15 days detox

What if we told you that we have 10 times stronger detox than other detox products on the market, that will help cleanse your primary organ of detoxification – the liver – and help get rid of pilled up toxins?

15 Days Detox will cleanse your body with only 2 capsules a day! All you need to do is take one capsule in the morning and another one in the evening for the full-body cleanse.

And no, it’s not magic! We only use a 10 times more bioavailable milk thistle extract than other detox products. That means your body will be able to use it much more efficiently!

And for even more powerful detox, we have also added artichoke, vitamin E and piperine - they’ll support you on your detox and weight-loss journey

You will see the first results in just 15 days*. You will also feel more energised and improve your digestion for efficient weight loss results!

*Results may vary. Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, which are important.