Anna: I've more self confidence

Anna is 26 years of age. She works as an accountant and her greatest joy is her 2-year-old son. Her life is almost perfect but she has been having problems with digestion and swelling ever since she was a teenager. The problem got even worse after the birth of her child.


"I tried all possible tablets, natural methods and some techniques that others suggested. Nothing worked."

My friend recommended TummyTox

"As soon as I saw the tea, I said no way! I can hardly bring myself to drink tea even when I'm sick."

"My friend somehow managed to persuade me and I ordered Daily Kick & Sleep Tight Tea but I didn't have high hopes for them."

I felt the effects after just one week

"I started to feel lighter, more alert, stronger and the migraines stopped (I used to have migraines as a teenager and they never seemed to stop!)."

"Only then did I understand the extent of the problem, the troubles and the migraines, which were linked to bad digestion."

Anna was delighted and decided to keep ordering from TummyTox

She was very pleased and started to like the teas so much that she decided to order them again.

"It's been 2 years since I gave birth and I didn't lose any weight afterwards. In fact, I had even more fat on my hips and abdomen."

"I weighed 68kg when I started drinking the teas and I went down to 50 kg in six months. I should add that I was not doing any additional exercise, just normal things like working, meetings, playing with my son, cooking, housework, shopping ... etc. I am very happy now with my weight and body. I have started to feel very comfortable and happy in myself. I feel more energetic and confident!"