Anne Marie: "I achieved noticeable results in just 2 weeks!"

Anne Marie is a 25-year-oldhairdresser from Croatia. She told us how in recent years she had been under a lot of stress which affected her health, she felt that she was sinking deeper and deeper, she was lacking energy and her weight started accumulating.

She desperately needed a change, so at the beginning of the year, she decided to do something about it.



What bothered me the most was my bloated belly

"2 years ago I moved back to my town, although I managed to lose weight over the summer, in the fall everything would come back and I would be dissatisfied again. What bothered me the most was that my stomach was always bloated (sometimes so much that people would think I was pregnant).."

At the beginning of the year, she set herself the task of making a change, saw a Facebook ad for TummyTox and decided to take Skinny me tea, Fat burner drink and Magicnesium.

I started using Skinny Me tea instead of my morning coffee

"Before I started using TummyTox, I measured myself (chest-93cm, waist-81cm, hips-100cm) and weighed (69kg)."

She was thrilled with fast delivery as her goods were delivered in just 2 days!

"Instead of having a cappuccino in the morning I started drinking Skinny Me tea, but I also started eating healthy and I'm exercising every day with TummyTox online fitness."

Before my exercise routine, I drink the Fat Burner drink and after it, I have the Magicnesium.

She lost 2 kilos in a week*

"After only 2 days I noticed a huge change, my stomach was no longer bloated, I had a lot more energy throughout the day, my digestion got a lot better.

Today is exactly a week since I started using TummyTox and the results made me very happy (chest-91cm, waist-73cm, hips-95cm) and weight 67kg! "*

I'm feeling better since I started using TummyTox!

Anne Marie was delighted by how fine the flavours of tea and beverage were. Although it is just at the beginning, she is looking forward to even better results!

„I have to admit, since using TummyTox, I'm feeling a lot better. What changes did I notice? So my digestion is much better, my stomach isn't bloated like a balloon, I have a lot more energy throughout the day."

"I do a lot of hard physical work and do up to 20km of walking in one day. And no matter what, at the end of the day I have more energy and in the morning when I wake up I don't wake up with the pain I used to wake up with but I'm ready for a new day.“

I won't stop now, I will continue using TummyTox!

Since she was satisfied with the results, she decided to try new products as well. "Everything is very fine for me. My biggest discovery is the Shape me Shake protein powder, which really tastes like fantasy, and it also keeps me full for a long time.“ 

„What is simply wonderful to me is that there is a really visible change in my body, as it slowly just melts and turns into muscles. I can’t describe how bad I felt with 69kg, horror! Even though I still have fat deposits to take off, I'm getting happier every day, because day by day when I look in the mirror I'm happier!"

Anne Marie used the products from the package: "Bootylicious!" Try it and see for yourself what kind of change can be achieved with a little will and the right help!

And we have extra gifts for you! Because with this package we give you a Free Shaker and our Booty Band so that you can reach your goal even easier and faster!

*Results may vary. Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, which are important.

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