“TummyTox has changed my life!”

Mae has been struggling with a slow thyroid for as long as she can remember: “My biggest problem was water retention.” She was waking up with a puffy face and some mornings she couldn’t even fit her rings on her fingers. “I was feeling bloated all the time and I didn’t have energy for anything… It took so much effort to lose a kilo or 2 it almost wasn't worth it.”


A friend in need

One day she went for coffee with a friend. Mae was telling her about her weight struggles and the friend recommended TummyTox.” She could tell I didn’t fully believe her”, she laughs. “She was nice enough to give me a few sachets of Draining Drink, just to try and see.” Mae was surprised by the results!

“I couldn’t believe it, I was feeling better after only a couple of days!” She immediately sprung into action.” I contacted TummyTox to get some advice for my particular situation. They recommended Draining Drink, Flat Tummy Caps and Daily Kick & Sleep Tight Teas.” She was already familiar with Draining Drink, the others were new to her...

“Flat Tummy Caps helped me stick to my goals”

“With Flat Tummy Caps, I could finally stick to my goal: no eating after 6pm. I’d tried it so many times, but always gave in to my cravings.” The teas were also a pleasant surprise: “I had Daily Kick Tea in the morning – it’s really the best way to start your day. I was no longer grumpy and I finally had energy to do housework.”

In the evening, she had Sleep Tight Tea: “In the past, I’d go to bed a bundle of nerves – worrying about tomorrow, tossing and turning for at least an hour every night. But now, just the smell of Sleep Tight Tea brewing is enough to relax me. It calms my body and my mind.”

“I rate it 11 out of 10!”

Her favourite is still Draining Drink. “I can't stop talking about it. It makes me feel so much lighter, I don’t feel bloated anymore. TummyTox has changed my life”, she says with a twinkle in her eye. “I've already lost 4 kilos! I rate it 11 out of 10!”

Draining Drink is TummyTox’s star product, all the girls swear by it. It gets rid of 27% of excess water, reduces swelling by 60% and works almost immediately!