Manon works as a part-time police assistant and shop girl. She therefore does nothave much timeto take care of her health and well-being.

With TummyTox, she managed to regain her ideal weight and feel good about herself.


Excess during the summer holidays

In early October, Manon faced the same problem as many TummyTox girls: how to eliminate the consequences of excess during the summer holidays. 

First of all, it's THE SEASON of barbecues - Manon loves them! 

Because of her sweet tooth, she frequently tucked into pancakes and ice cream.

That's why she eventually weighed in a few extra kilos. Manon tells us: "I did not feel very well, I was having trouble fitting into my clothes."

TummyTox to the rescue!

She heard about TummyTox on Facebook and decided to give it a go.

She started in autumn and achieved extraordinary results!

She lost 4 kilos!*

  • I also lost 2-3cm circumference.”*

Not only weight loss, but also well-being

We all know that autumn is tough when winter is on the way.

Viruses prefer to attack us during the cold season!

Thanks to TummyTox, this did not happen to Manon:

I felt a lot more energetic. I coped with cold and rain without getting sick – that was great!”

She tells us that she felt the magical effects of TummyTox the day after she started using the products.

I felt lighter, stronger, more motivated and also determined.

Sleep like a baby with Night Burner Drink

Another advantage for Manon?

She slept much better! "I used to have restless nights and Night Burner Drink cured me." 

She says she sleeps like a baby.

Night Burner Drink is now part of her daily routine!


Manon is a huge fan of teas and had tried many brands but with no success.

Howevershe loves the taste of TummyTox  teas! In additionshe finally managed to lose weight.

We’re sure that Manon’s figure does not go unnoticed!

*[Results may vary. Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, which are important.]