I’m well on my way to my dream body!

Like so many of us, Sarah works in an office, sitting at a desk for most of her day. And like many of us, she started to notice the consequences of her sedentary lifestyle…


“I didn’t feel good about wearing a bikini”

“I got more and more cellulite, my digestion was getting worse and I felt bloated all the time. The thought of putting on a bikini was really getting me down.” Sarah went online to search for a solution. “I found TummyTox on Instagram and saw it had loads of positive reviews. I thought, if it works for everyone, it will work for me too!”

“I was thrilled that I made the right choice”

She bought Booty Tone, Draining Drink and Slimming Gel. “I contacted TummyTox for advice on how to best use these and found that I should first take Draining Drink for a full-body detox and excess water elimination.”

After completing the Draining Drink course, her body was ready for the next step. “After getting rid of bloating and swelling, it was time for Booty Tone and Slimming Gel – I wanted a flat tummy and cellulite-free skin.”

What happened after 10 days?

She couldn’t believe it: “After just 10 days of Draining Drink, I started to really see the difference! My cellulite has significantly reduced, my digestion was getting better and I was no longer feeling bloated.” She continued with Booty Tone and Slimming Gel and got the results she wanted!

Her favourite? “Slimming Gel is my faithful companion now, I don’t leave my house without it! It’s an absolute must in my personal crusade against orange peel skin. It’s easy to apply, absorbs very quickly and smells nice. I’m well on my way to my dream body!”