TOP 5 summer accessories you need in your summer bag

Although you probably know what you have to pack before you go to the seaside, it often happensthat you forget at least one thing while in a hurry. To prevent this from happening this year, we have prepared a shortlist of the MOST IMPORTANT things you need to take with you!


Write it down somewhere on a piece of paper as a reminder and before you go quickly check if you have everything on the list!

1. Protect yourself!

The sun can be very dangerous in the summer and it's best to avoid it between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. But yes, we know… when we go to the seaside, we want totake advantage of every possible moment, so you wouldn't spend the half day indoorsWe recommend you always wear a sun hat and sunglasses.

2. Take care of your skin

The sun can be very harmful to your skin as wellWe all want to look tanned when we get back from our holidays so that everyone can see we were at the seaside.

But this is something you have to be especially careful about. Even though tanned skin looks beautiful, it can still be harmful for our skin, especially if we get a sunburn. Not to mention, failing to properly protect our skin can increase our risk of melanoma (which is becoming increasingly common).

So make sure you apply sun cream with a high enough SPF (at least 20) throughout the day. We also recommend you use lip balm with SPF.

3. Reading on the beach

We don't know about you, but reading on the beach is a real pleasure for us! A light breeze, the sound of the waves, the smell of the sea and a good book - perfection!That's why we always carry a good book with us (you can find many summer hits in the library) and a notebook in which we can write down our thoughts and ideas

4. Make sure you drink enough water

We might have mentioned this a few times already, but keeping your body hydratedis very important on hot summer daysHydrate, hydrate, hydrate… because our body needs extra fluid intake, and your skin will look more beautiful if you are hydrated! That's why you always have to have a bottle of water or a drink (without sugar) with you! If you opt for our Tummy Rose Gold bottle, you will make sure you consume enough fluids, but also that you have the most beautiful bottle on the beach.

5. Make sure you look your best at the beach

Get yourself a new swimsuit! We know you worked hard to look your best at the beach, so don't forget to show it off! Mix your TummyTox drinks in your fancy new water bottle as a refreshment - and they'll also help you maintain your figure!

Why is this important? When we're on holiday, we tend to relax and forget about the diets that we tormented ourselves with in the weeks before. TummyTox drinks can help you maintain your figure even if you treat yourself to ice creams, coctails and junk food on your holiday. :D 

So, here is your final list of beach neccessities:
  1. hat and sunglasses
  2. sun cream and lip balm with SPF
  3. book and a notebook
  4. a water bottle (can also be filled with an unsweetened beverage of your choice)
  5. TummyTox Bikini Ready Bundle

Why the Bikini Ready Bundle?

This bundle leaves nothing to chance - it will help keep you hydrated, while also helping you maintain your figure!It contains Draining Drink, which will cleanse your body(drink it in the morning).A cup of Skinny Me Tea in the morning or after lunch will help stimulate the metabolism and melt fat. It's also perfect as an iced drink on hotter days. During the day, refresh yourself with Fat Burner when you need an energy boost - it also helps convert stored fat into energy.

They all taste delicious and make for the perfect summer refreshment! If you buy this bundle now, you get a TummyTox Bottle for FREE!

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