3 reasons why vitamin D is super important for weight loss

You've probably heard that vitamin D does wonders for your immune system. But what may surprise you is that the sunshine vitamin is also super important for weight loss. Read on to learn the 3 reasons why adding it to your diet may finally help you shed those kilos.


Research suggests that getting enough vitamin Dcan help boost weight loss. Yet almost 50% of people worldwide have low vitamin D levels. How's that even possible, you may ask? It's usually a combination of factors but the most surprising one may well be excess weight.

Excess weight – the surprising risk factor for vitamin D deficiency

If you're overweight, chances are that you lack vitamin D, studies show. That's because vitamin D is fat-soluble, and the more fat cells you have, the more vitamin D you need to deliver to them so that each and every cell gets a sufficient amount to function properly. Makes sense, right? But excess weight isn't the only risk factor for vitamin D deficiency.

Other causes for vitamin D deficiency include:

  • lack of sun exposure
  • living far from the equator (latitudes above 37° north & below 37° south of it)
  • darker skin tone (melanin works as a natural sunscreen)
  • sunblock
  • low vitamin D intake from food (low-fat, fat-free diets and very little to no fish)
  • age (especially if you’re over the age of 60)

Research reveals: higher vitamin D levels can boost weight loss

But how exactly does it work? In short, vitamin D supports your weight loss progress on 3 different levels:

1.      It helps reduce body fat and curb appetite

Aside from directly reducing the formation of new fat cells and preventing fat accumulation, sufficient vitamin D levels can boost your production of serotonin (the happiness hormone). This can play a crucial role in curbing your appetiteand lowering your calorie intake. What's more, higher vitamin D levels have also been linked to increased testosterone, which boosts fat-burning and hinders new fat cell formation.

2.      It keeps your muscles and bones in shape

That's right, vitamin D also supports your musculoskeletal system. In particular, it helps with the supply of minerals, especially calcium and phosphorus. That way, it aids in keeping your bones strong and your muscles nourished, which is especially crucial in the process of weight loss. After all, you may want to lose the kilos but surely not the bone strength and muscles. As a bonus, it may even help with muscle and bone aches, which is super welcome when it comes to exercising and basically any other kind of movement.

3.       It boosts your immune system...

And with it, your general well-being. It's no secret that keeping your body in balance is crucial for health. If your immunity is compromised, then chances are that so is everything else.
You can't expect your body to endure rigorous physical activityand reduced food intake, let alone translate it into weight loss when it's already struggling to perform its basic functions. That's why keeping your immune system in shape is a prerequisite to keeping your body in top shape too!

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