Why do some women not gain weight?

You always hear that you need to burn more calories than you eat. But why can some people eat whatever they want without gaining an inch, whilst others just look at a burger and dread stepping on the scale? It sounds impossible, but it's true: it's all down to bacteria!


A few years ago, people laughed at anyone who said that bacteria in our gut was the cause of obesity. Now scientists know that it's true. The secret of skinny people lies in the prevalence of "skinny" bacteria! 

Who would have thought?

Intestinal bacteria have several functions. They:

  • Train our immune system so that it can distinguish between "good" and "bad",

  • Produce butyric acid, which is food for cells of the intestinal mucosa andensures a healthy gut,

  • Destroy harmful bacteria that penetrate our body,

  • Help us process various food substances with their enzymes - making them more accessible to the body.

This last feature decides whether you will be fat or skinny.

"Fat" bacteria are more effective in getting calories from food.

What scientists find so surprising is how much bacteria affect our body weight! Essentially, there are two main groups of bacteria in our gut: Firmicutes and Bacteroides. Let's just call them Bs and Fs.

Compared to Bs, Fsextract more energy from food, which otherwise would not be digested. This means that you will put on these extra calories in the form of fat reserves. However, if your intestine is dominated by Bsany foodthat your body won’t use will be eliminated.

Your diet determines whether you’re feeding "skinny" or "fat" bacteria

Whether your intestine is dominated by "fat" or "skinny" bacteriadepends on the food you eat.It'shardly surprising that these "skinny" bacteria prefer healthier food, full of fibre, such as fruit, vegetables and wholegrains.

Scientists are currently researching the use of various probiotics (i.e. good bacteria), which can change the composition of the intestinal microbiota and therefore help you lose weight.

Lactobacillus bacteria have shown the greatest reduction in body weight and fat mass.

A recent meta-analysissummarised the findings of numerous studies, confirming that we can really lose weight by using certain bacteria. Bacteria from the genus Lactobacillus are amongst the most effective for helping us lose weight - and this is less than 12 weeks!

The answer lies inSlimbiotics, which contains 9 strains of lactic bacteria, including 6 from the genus Lactobacillus. In combination with topinambur and chicory, it will help you feel better and lose some weight. The easiest way to make you lighter!