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    • Meat and meat products

    • Fish and seafood

    • Vegetables (fresh)

    • Fruit (fresh)

    • Fast food (pizza, hamburgers, chips)

    • Fried food (chips, Wiener schnitzel, fried fish, etc.)

    • Salty snacks (crisps, pretzels, etc.)

    • Salt as an additive (adding extra salt to food)

    • Alcohol (beer, wine, spirits, etc.)

    • Coffee, black tea

    • Sweet drinks (fruit juice, soft drinks, etc.)

    • Energy drinks with caffeine

    • Paleo diet (and similar)

    • Vegan diet

    • Vegetarian diet (lacto, ovo, lacto-ovo)

    • Partly vegetarian diet (flexi, pollo, pesce, pesce-poll)

    • Mediterranean diet

    • Montignac or low-GI diet

    • Atkins or LCHF (low carb, high fat)

    • Keto diet (diet with restricted carbohydrates)

    • Food separation diet (also 90-day diet)

    • Other

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