*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website.


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Drinks for quick weight loss

Body Shaping Day & Night

Receive a 20-day supply

Fire up your slimming efforts with our 20-day bundle that will help you shape your body day and night for quick weight-loss results

  • Boost weight loss with 5-in-1 action: burn fat, eliminate excess water, block calories from carbs, prevent fat accumulation and curb appetite 
  • Lose up to 3 kg*  
  • Reduce up to 7.5 cm* in waist circumference 
  • Increase fat burning while you sleep 
  • Suppress evening cravings 
  • Support the liver 
  • Help keep blood sugar under control 
  • Over 15 years of expertise in food supplement development and production 

TummyTox has more than 650,000 happy customers all over EU! 

Contents: 1x Body Shaping Day & Night 40 units/20 days

Sufficient for 20 days

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20-day weight loss programme with super-strong 24/7 action 

This premium drinks bundle will help you tackle slimming from every angle for quick weight-loss results! 

Is slimming more difficult for women? 

It’s not just a myth, it’s true – weight loss can be more difficult for women than for men. Here are a few common struggles women face: 

  • Higher levels of the ‘hunger hormone’, ghrelin 

  • Slower metabolism 

  • Fewer calories burned when exercising and resting 

  • More body fat 

  • Less muscle 

Tackle weight loss the smart way and get visible results! 

Our bestselling drinks will help you target all aspects of slimming 

Powerful weight loss – day and night! 

This powerful bundle is designed with women in mind – it combines the ultimate supplements that help ladies burn fat day and night for maximum results! 

First 10 days with 5-in-1 Curve Shaper

Boost your weight-loss efforts by tackling slimming from all angles: Garcinia cambogia will help you curb appetite, prevent fat storage and boost fat burning, Java tea will help you fight water retention and white mulberry will help you block calories from carbs

Second 10 days with Night Burner Drink

Increase nighttime fat burning while you’re getting a restful sleep. Its 4-in-1 action will help you burn more fat, prevent fat accumulation, reduce evening munchies and improve your sleep.  

All 20 days with My Skinny Tea

Speed up fat burning, improve your metabolism and help you maintain normal blood sugar levels. The tea will also help you eliminate toxins from your body – crucial for weight loss! 

Visible results for a complete body transformation! 

Boost weight loss by up to 3 kg* 

Reduce your waist circumference by up to 7.5 cm* and your hip circumference by up to 6 cm* 

Curb your appetite 24/7 

Block daytime appetite and night time cravings with the help of Garcinia cambogia! 

Increase fat burning 

Garcinia cambogia will make sure you burn more fat – even while you sleep – while also helping you prevent from storing new fat in the body. 

Turn away those calories 

Stop the absorption of calories from carbs and enjoy that pizza slice in peace! 

*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website. 

Quick weight-loss results backed by science** 

Studies have shown - the longer and better we sleep, the more fat we burn.

5-in-1 Curve Shaper contains Morosil®, a patented red orange extract that can help you prevent fat accumulation, particularly in the belly area. A clinical study** with 30 overweight individuals has shown that participants taking 400 mg of Morosil® a day: 

  • lost by up to 3* kg of body weight, 
  • reduced waist circumference by up to 7.5* cm, and 
  • reduced hip circumference by up to 6* cm. 

Lose up to 2x* more weight with Night Burner Drink 

Night Burner Drink will give your weight loss a significant boost. According to studies**, women who took HCA (Hydroxycitric acid), the main active ingredient of Garcinia cambogia, lost 2x* more weight compared to placebo.  

*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website. Our products are not intended to prevent, treat or to cure any disease or serious illness. 

The ultimate bundle for quick weight loss 

Increase fat burning 

Reduce the appetite 

Reduce cravings 

Block calories from carbs 

Reduce fat storage 

Support the liver 

Improve sleep 

Remove toxins 

Increase energy levels 

How to use:






My Skinny Tea (1 sachet) 

5-in-1 Curve Shaper (1 sachet) 


My Skinny Tea (1 sachet) 

Night Burner Drink (1 sachet) 

5-in-1 Curve Shaper

10 sachets | Receive a 10-day supply

1 sachet

After the meal

Night Burner Drink INTENSE

10 sachets | Receive a 10-day supply

1 sachet

Before sleep

My Skinny Tea

20 teabags | Receive a 20-day supply

1 teabag

During the morning


Cardile V, Graziano AC, Venditti A. Clinical evaluation of Moro (Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck) orange juice supplementation for the weight management. Nat Prod Res. 2015;29(23):2256-60. doi: 10.1080/14786419.2014.1000897

Roongpisuthipong C, Kantawan R, Roongpisuthipong W. Reduction of adipose tissue and body weight: effect of water soluble calcium hydroxycitrate in Garcinia atroviridis on the short term treatment of obese women in Thailand. Asia Pac J Clin Nutr. 2007