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Extreme Anti-bloating Combo

Flush out water weight and diminish the appearance of cellulite!

Kickstart your weight loss journey today! Decrease water retention with our Extreme Anti-bloating Combo – raspberry drink and lemon-flavoured shots will help you look slimmer and feel lighter fast!

  • Get visible slimming results within days 
  • Lose 2.5 times more weight* 
  • Boost fat burning 
  • Shape your body and reduce the appearance of cellulite 
  • Diminish bloating and swelling in 1 week* 
  • Increase water elimination by up to 27%* 
  • 15 years of expertise in food supplement development and production 

 TummyTox has more than 550,000 happy customers all over EU 

Contents: 1x Extreme Anti-bloating Combo 0 none/ days

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#TummyTox girls love Draining Drink!

The perfect bundle to say goodbye to water weight and achieve your goals!

Reduce excess water and bloating!

Are you ready to say goodbye to water weight, bloating and cellulite?

We all know that feeling when we try on our favourite bikini – but despite all our best efforts, workouts and diets we still face a bloated belly. Here are a few signs that you may be battling water weight:

  • You can’t lose weight despite your best efforts

  • You're feeling bloated and swollen

  • Your favourite pair of skinny jeans doesn’t fit any more

  • Your face looks puffy, especially around your eyes

  • You feel like you’ve gained weight overnight

Flush out excess water and get ready for summer!

Eliminate water weight and speed up your weight-loss journey with this winning drink and shots combo!

Get rid of bloating and start seeing results – now

Powerful draining action:

27%* increase in excess water elimination

Say goodbye to puffiness:

decreases bloating by up to 60%* within a week

Helps reduce the appearance of cellulite:

get that dimple-free skin faster!

Don’t let the excess water weigh you down!

Water retention doesn't usually get blamed for stalling weight loss – but it’s something a lot of girls struggle with! Take a look at how it hinders your progress.

  • Sometimes you lose weight and your favourite shorts still don’t fit! Water retention can make your face and body look bloated. When your body is full of toxins, your liver encases them in the most stubborn form of fat – usually on the tummy.

  • But when you help your body eliminate all the excess water, you will feel lighter – and as soon as you get rid of the toxins, your liver will be free to focus on burning fat!

Get that bikini body with our Extreme Anti-bloating Combo!

Let this tasty combo help you on your slimming journey! 

Start your day by mixing the raspberry flavoured Draining Drink Intense with 1 litre of water and keep it around to stay hydrated throughout the morning. It will help you get rid of excess water, decrease bloating and tackle cellulite!

When you’re on the go and it’s not too handy to carry 1l of fluids around, we’ve got you covered! Draining Drink Shots come in convenient vials – lemon-flavoured, powerful, delicious!

How to use

1-10Draining Drink 1 sachetDraining shots 1 shot

Draining Drink Intense

1 sachet

During the morning

Draining Shots

1 vial

After meal