*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website.


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Tummy Mommy

Receive a 30-day supply

The 45-day routine for new mothers who want to feel good & look good in their post-pregnancy body.

If you’re still struggling with your post-baby body a year after giving birth, this bundle will help you get your dream body back!  

  • Improve your energy levels throughout the day 
  • Boost your metabolism & fat burning 
  • Sleep better & wake up refreshed 
  • Shape your body 
  • Improve your skin and hair 
  • Pamper yourself 
  • Feel good & look good 
  • Comes with FREE ACCESS to our yoga routine for mommies 

Contents: 1x Tummy Mommy 100 nones/30 days

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A lot of new moms aren’t happy with their post-baby body

With the rise of influencers and celebrity moms seemingly bouncing back to their pre-delivery bodies in no time, you might be feeling a bit discouraged about your own progress… Don’t!

Every woman’s body is different and just like being a new mom is tough, getting back in shape doesn’t come as easily as it might seem on social media. Especially if you don’t have a nanny, personal trainer, nutritionist, and a whole lot of time to exercise, eat right and take care of yourself…

That’s why we created the Tummy Mommy bundle – to help ordinary moms with busy lives get back in shape after pregnancy and feel good about themselves.

Don’t jump into weight-loss obsession right after giving birth!

First focus on the baby – don’t feel rushed to get back in shape just a few months after giving birth. If you’re nursing, this isn’t the time to preoccupy yourself with diets, vigorous exercise and slimming supplements.

After you stop breastfeeding, you can start setting your slimming goals and think about fitting into those skinny jeans that you bought before you got pregnant!

But don’t just make it about losing weight, make it about feeling better, being comfortable in your body and achieving long-term slimming results!

Focus on feeling & looking better

Your baby has changed so many wonderful things about your life, but don’t worry if you don’t feel like your best self just yet.

The Tummy Mommy Bundle contains 5 products for a 45-day regimen that will help you:

  • raise energy levels
  • calm down in the evening and sleep better
  • improve your skin and hair
  • lose the excess baby-weight
  • shape your body
  • pamper yourself – because you truly deserve it!

Along with the bundle, you’ll get FREE ACCESS to our yoga routine for mommies, which will help you get back in touch with your body and feel great about your shape once again!

It’s time to feel like your best self again!

By addressing all of the things that don’t feel right in your body, you’re shaping
a new & improved, balanced and regenerated you!

You can expect much more than just weight loss & slimming

At TummyTox, we believe in a holistic approach to getting back into pre-baby shape!

Raise your energy levels

Improve your sleep

Boost fat burning

Shape your body

Improve your skin & hair

Get a glowing complexion!

The amazing products in this bundle

Daily Kick Tea 

Being a new mom is exhausting – start your day right with a natural boost of antioxidants & keep your energy levels up with the Daily Kick Tea & an energizing morning yoga routine! This tea will also help you get rid of bloating and aid your digestion.


Sleep Tight Tea 

Sleep is a valuable commodity when you have a baby, but new moms often struggle to get a good night’s sleep, even when the baby isn’t waking them up. The Sleep Tight Tea & a relaxing yoga routine will help you calm your nerves, sleep better, recharge and wake up refreshed!


Fat Burner Drink 

If you just can’t imagine jumping on a treadmill after a long day with the baby, the Fat Burner Drink will help you burn calories and fat even faster and with lower amounts of activity! Due to its thermogenic effects, it speeds up & extends fat burning, boosts metabolism and burns 24% more body fat* where it matters, even when you’re relaxing.

*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website. Our products are not intended to prevent, treat or to cure any disease or serious illness.


Slim Tummy Caps 

The number one concern for most post-partum women is their belly. The Slim Tummy Caps with Garcinia Cambogia extract will help you keep your blood sugar stable, reduce cravings & block appetite and inhibit new fat formation.


Collagen Drink 

Hormonal changes during pregnancy affect your skin and hair. Specifically, hair loss and nail breakage are common occurrences during pregnancy and post-pregnancy. Collagen drink with hydrolysed type I marine collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C will help you achieve and maintain radiant, supple & elastic skin and long, luscious hair.


K-WOW Face Maks  

Get a glowing complexion!

When you’re taking care of your precious treasure, don’t forget to take care of yourself! Take 15 minutes for yourself 1-3 times a week and enjoy a relaxing, cleansing, detoxifying & brightening K-WOW face mask with kaolin clay and hectorite.


How to use:



teabag of Daily Kick Tea before breakfast

capsule of Slim Tummy Caps before breakfast

capsule of Slim Tummy Caps before lunch

teabag of Sleep Tight Tea before sleep


capsule of Slim Tummy Caps before breakfast

1 capsule of Slim Tummy Caps after lunch 

1 Fat Burner drink before exercise



1 Collagen drink after breakfast

Fat Burner drink before exercise

Take 15 minutes for yourself and have your beauty routine time with K-WOW  (1-3 times per week)


1 Collagen drink after breakfast


Take 15 minutes for yourself and have your beauty routine time with K-WOW (1-3 times per week)

Daily Kick Tea

20 teabags | Receive a 20-day supply

1 teabag

In the morning

Sleep Tight Tea

20 teabags | Receive a 20-day supply

1 teabag

Before sleep

Fat Burner Drink

15 sachets | Receive a 15-day supply

1 sachet

Once per day

Slim Tummy Caps

60 capsules | Receive a 30-day supply

1 capsule

2 times per day

Collagen Drink

15 sachets | Receive a 15-day supply

1 sachet

Once per day

K-WOW Face Mask

75 ml | Receive a 30-day supply

1 application

1-3 times per week

Get FREE Yoga access!

When you purchase this bundle, you’ll get an email with FREE access to 3 daily yoga routines to help you start the day right, find your centre and relax before sleep:

  • Wake-me-up yoga,

  • Back-release yoga,

  • Relax & good-night yoga