COLLAGEN 101: What you need to know to keep your skin firm

So – we know you know skin care is important. You buy fancy products and apply creams – but do you know just how important it is to take good care of your skin from within? You have probably heard that girls love to use collagen. But what’s all the fuss about – and do you really need to start thinking about it now?


Okay, first things first.

What is collagen and why do you need it?

Collagenis a protein that serves as the building block for your skin, hair and nails, among other things. Unfortunately, your body produces less collagen as you ageYour skin becomes less firm and supple and you start noticing the dreaded wrinkles

On top of that, collagen production is further decreased by environmental pollutantssmoking and even consuming too much sugar and refined carbs.Not to mention UVAdamage – sun exposure can damage collagenfibres in your skincausing you to look older than you actually are.

"Okay, but that’s a future-me problem, you may think. WRONG! :)

It's never too early to start supporting your skin

We’ve got some bad news for you.Collagen degradation (and thus skin ageing) is already underway in your twentiesThis is why it’s a good idea to start supplementingas soon as possible.After all – it's easier to prevent collagen loss than try toreplace itlater on!

Pump the brakes on wrinkles!

Collagen supplementscan trigger your body’s natural production of collagen – and that can help make your skin firm and strong.And another thing you canlook forward to isgorgeous hair and nails and reduced stretch marks!Yes, really!

Your skin's new best friends

To help your skin remain youthful and beautiful, we’ve prepared a lovely collection of top-quality supplementsTummy girls swear by

The blueberry-flavoured Collagen Drinkwill support your body’s own collagen production and slow down the ageing process.It’s type I. marine collagen – the strongest type.And unlike most collagen drinks,it tastes delicious! No more yucky collagen drinks!

When there’s simply no time to prepare drinks, have yourself one ofCollagen Shots on the go. It will help reduce wrinkles, even your skintone and hydrate your skin from within.You can just slip it in your purse and carry it everywhere!And you'll love its forest-fruit flavour!

If a wholesome beauty makeover is what you’re after, our ground-breakingFit & Prettycapsules will help keep you beautiful while also helping you lose weight! Weight loss can often result in skin sagging, but these superstar caps will help you prevent that and keep your skin supple instead!

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