Bye Bye bloated belly!

You’re probably familiar with the feeling of a bloated belly - it might feel like your belly is about to explode! So many women face the same problem. It happens when an excessive amount of water and toxins accumulate in the body, making us look like we weigh more than we really do.


Whether you want to lose weight or just feel better in your own skin, you have to get rid of the excess water from your body and restart your lymphatic system.

Stay hydrated!

When we feel bloated, we tend to not drink enough thinking that I’ll make the situation worse… It may sound contradictory, but you actually should drink more water in order to eliminate excess water. Why is that?

Keeping the lymphatic system in working order!

When you feel bloated, it’s actually accumulated toxins that are to blame. The lymphatic system, which is responsible for eliminating toxins from our system and can eliminate up to 2 litres of excess water per day. When you feel swollen and bloated it’s important to drink more water in order to kick-start the lymph and make it eliminate all that your body doesn’t need.

If you notice that you have a bloated belly quite often, if your ankles swell, if you’ve noticed an increase in cellulite and a more swollen face - this could mean that your lymphatic system needs some help. Another side-effect that can be very noticeable is weight gain.

A simple way to kick-start the lymph?

Mix Draining Drink in 1 litre of water every morning. It has a delicate raspberry flavour, but packs a powerful punch - it’s extremely effective in fighting water retention and toxins in our system.

Draining Drink helps reset the lymphatic system, accelerates the elimination of excess water and toxins, which in turn helps to relieve the liver and digestion.

Drinking Draining Drink every morning can help you:

  • Kick-start weight loss
  • Eliminate up to 27%more excess water and toxins
  • Reduce bloating and swelling by up to 60% in the first week
  • Decrease the appearance of cellulite

Don’t believe us? Believe them!


I wanted to get rid of all the excess water and toxins that have accumulated over time. I started using Draining Drink and I noticed the first results within a week!*


I’ve struggled with a slow thyroid and water retention for as long as I can remember. Excess water made me look heavier than I was and I struggled to lose weight. Draining Drink helped me lose 4 kilos in a month and a half.*

*Results may vary. Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, which are important.


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