Hibiscus - a hot new trend in the world of weight loss

Simple solutions are often the best. Hibiscus has been grown and used for its nutritional value in tropical regions for 6 millennia. It's most recognisable by its vibrant red flowers. In recent years, it’s become a hot new commodity in the world of weight loss. Studies show that it can help people lose 2.5-times more weight!


Hibiscus is native to Africa and is best suited to the tropical climate. It thrives in many countries that are also known for beautiful exotic beaches. And, according to recent research, hibiscus can also help you achieve a slimmer figurethat you’ll have no problems showing off at a sandy beach!

Hibiscus helps increase water elimination

Hibiscus is often prepared and enjoyed as a refreshing drink, and studies have recently confirmed what traditional healers have always known - hibiscus extract has adiuretic effect, which means it increases the elimination of excess water from the body. By eliminating bloating caused by water retention, it helps you get a flatter tummy.

Study: People that consumed hibiscus extract lost 2.5-times more weight

A study published in the Food&Function journal in 2014 found that hibiscus extract helps with weight loss even for people that aren’t actively dieting. People taking hibiscus extract lost 2.5-times more weight in 12 weeks than people taking a placebo.

Scientists attribute this primarily to its high content of polyphenols, which prevent lipogenesis in the liver (the formation of new fats) and promote the elimination of fat from the liver.

Draining Drink Intense – your new weight-loss ally

Due to its draining and slimming effect, hibiscus is one of the active ingredients in an innovative product on the market Draining Drink Intense! It boosts water elimination and weight loss. Combined with other natural ingredients,  it will help you eliminate 3-times more excess water  and lose 2.5-times more weight.

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If you’re looking to boost your weight-loss efforts and a 24/7 increase in fat burning, this product is perfect for you!  TummyTox Draining Drink, a draining drink that helps you see visible results within days!

*The effects of the product may vary from person to person and may differ from those indicated on the website.

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