How to improve your dull, dry and lifeless skin

Glowing skin isn't a matter of (just) skincare. Actually, many factors beyond creams and serums influence whether your skin is healthy, plump, and radiant. How your skin looks and how fast it ages is also a direct consequence of your lifestyle – from your nutrition to how much sleep you get, and how stressed you are.


5 of the most common reasons for dull, dry and fast-ageing skin:

1. Dehydration

Not drinking enough water will make your skin dry out, and no amount of moisturizer can make that up. Water also flushes out toxins that are another cause of premature ageing and breakouts.

2. Smoking

It causes your blood vessels to narrow and decrease oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin.

3. Sun exposure

Regularly lounging in the sun speeds up ageing and increases your chances of getting skin cancer. Be sure to use SPF every day, and opt for self-tanners to get that summer glow instead.

4. Improper skincare

Using too many or improper skin products can do more harm than good. Over-exfoliation is another common issue that can make your skin more prone to damage. Not removing your make-up in the evening also makes you break out and age faster.

5. Nutrient deficiency

And finally, the most overlooked reason for dull, dry and prematurely ageing skin is inadequate nutrient delivery. Even though you can do a lot by avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes, the most important thing is to feed your skin from within.

TummyTox is here to help!

Just like every organ in the body needs nutrients to function properly, your skin – actually your largest organ – also needs specific nutrients that support its regeneration and function. We designed Glowing Skin Gummies to cover all your skin’s needs.

We included important nutrients for skin structure and elasticity, radiance and overall health:

  • collagen,
  • biotin,
  • vitamin A,
  • vitamin C,
  • vitamin E, and
  • coenzyme Q10.

Although we get some of those nutrients from food, and we can synthesise collagen in our bodies, it’s better to be on the safe side and make sure we get what we require with 1 simple supplement.

Glowing Skin Gummies – easy, tasty, effective

TummyTox Glowing Skin Gummies with added collagen are a simple and yummy way to ensure you get an adequate amount of ALL of these essential nutrients. Pop 2 of our delicious orange-lemon gummies a day, and you’re all set!

By nourishing your skin from within, you can:

  • improve collagen formation,
  • fight oxidative stress,
  • improve skin structure and elasticity,
  • restore radiance,
  • maintain healthy skin, regardless of your age.

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Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website. Our products are not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease or serious illness. Maintaining a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle is important.

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