Lynn: "Everything that TummyTox promised has happened!"

Lynn Saraiva, a.k.a. Sousa, is a professional dancer and choreographer, who is currently working in an iridology clinic and attending a course in pharmacology and supplementation. When asked about her body type, Sousa emphasises that when she puts on weight, it’s mostly in the thighs and belly area and she gets a rounder face too.


"Everything changed after I became a mom."

Thanks to her active lifestyle, Sousa used to have a normal figure and an ideal weight, not having to worry about taking on too much weight, but that changed after she had become a mother. Less movement resulted in the need to pay extra attention to her weight. 
Contrary to her habits before becoming a mom, things became a lot more difficult for Sousa in her new role - until she found TommyTox that is! 

"I have recommended TommyTox to more than 10 people!’"

"I was scrolling on Instagram and saw an advertisement of yours and it caught my attention. I found it super interesting and decided to order it. It couldn't hurt to try it and you have attractive prices. At this point, I have already recommended you to more than 10 people and they all gave me fantastic feedback!"

No yo-yo effect!

It was the natural ingredients that immediately convinced Sousa. The products don’t cause the yo-yo effect that is very common when it comes to losing weight. 
"I tried to experiment a little with many other products - almost all, I believe - until I found the products that I’m using at the moment - and these I intend to keep as part of my routine!"

Sousa’s top products are Draining Drink Intense (the best drainer ever as it takes away that swelling sensation) and Skinny Me Tea (Sousa’s daily go-to tea) that are available in our Extreme Transformation Bundle. Her companions are also Tummyccino, Multivitamin Gummies and Flat Tummy Caps, some of our other best sellers. 

Sousa keeps a close eye on the progress and adapts the supplements based on her training and plans a detox every 2 months or so, but she is certain that TummyTox is here to stay!

The first changes? Within the first 10 days!

And the most important question that many of you are wondering about at this point: when did Sousa start noticing the first changes?
"I saw a massive change within the first 10 days! I took pictures to compare and the change was completely noticeable."


"Everything that was promised has happened: I experienced reduced appetite, the feelings of bloating and intestinal discomfort disappeared and every morning I had a boost of energy, woke up full of vitality and ready to take on any challenge. I even gained motivation to resume my daily workouts."

"I feel fantastic!"

To wrap things up, Sousa is happy to report she feels fantastic as TummyTox products have taken away that feeling of constant tiredness and fatigue. We're thrilled for her!
Grab our Extreme Transformation Bundle with Fat Burner Drink, Skinny Me Tea and Draining Drink and watch those pounds slip away!