I eat what I like and still lose weight

Hello! My name is Ruxandra and I've been an Online Editor for TummyTox Romania since June 2017. Tummy Tox has been my favourite brand since the beginning. I helped the TummyTox brand become what it is today.

In order to be able to promote and write about TummyTox, I decided to personally try out the products to see how they'd work.


But before I tell you about my results, I would like to say a little bit more about myself. I'm 32 years of age, 1.69m tall and weigh 59kg. I write this because I have a healthy lifestyle and I'd like to model my waist as well as lose a few pounds. I'm on the right track!

I drink unsweetened teas, except for forest fruit. I like sweets and just love to eat in general! I would always down a burger and then enjoy a chocolate dessert, such as cake and ice cream.

I'm not a big fan of sweet drinks, but a burger goes down only with coke, chips and barbecue sauce or mayo.

This is how the situation was 3 weeks ago. Now my mood and metabolism have changed for the better.

How do I feel now?

I feel so much better now. I have a normal appetite without cravings. I no longer need a second portion to feel full. Only breakfast is almost the same as before. I have only removed cereal from my diet because it contains a lot of sugar.

I have no problems now with dessert either. I eat only one pancake now whereas before I would always have eaten at least two. I don't crave fizzy drinks anymore - I find them extremely sweet and I don't drink them anymore.

Why did I want to lose weight?

I like my body. My size is normal for my height and age, but something didn't feel right. I was not satisfied. I could still wear my favourite skirt, but I couldn't move comfortably in it anymore. I think some of you can relate.

When I realised I was starting to gain fat on my stomach, waist and hips, I started moving and changing my diet. What else? I turned to the brand that I love most, TummyTox!

Which products did I use?

The basis of weight loss is DETOX

In January, I started with Daily Kick & Sleep Tight Teas, which taste very good. The teas boosted my digestion and gave me energy. I drank them to stabilise my diet and eliminate toxins from my body. I drank them for 20 days whilst still hoping to find motivation to go to the gym. Sleep Tight Tea helped me calm down but I didn't sleep as well as I'd have liked. That's because I'm a very nervous person and especially in the evening when I have at least 10 things on my mind.

So January ended and I still hadn't done any sport. However, my digestion was better and I had a lot of energy. Only my weight remained the same.

The Multivitamin Gummy Bears helped to curb my craving for sweets. With two bears a day, I ate only one piece of dark chocolate instead of almost a whole chocolate bar that I would normally have eaten.

But my favourite drink from TummyTox is Cleanse Drink, which helps the liver to regenerate. It also tastes so good! Strawberry is my favourite flavour.

I chose these products for the first part of my programme to stabilise my body and remove toxins.

The second part of my "transformation" started in mid-February and is still ongoing.

I drink Skinny Me Tea, which tastes amazing. My body feels hydrated, cleansed and my digestion is even stronger. The most important thing is to drink enough water!

I also ordered Draining Drink and saw the first results on my thighs. My cellulite is now disappearing fast! The drink also helps get rid of that bloated feeling I get most mornings. 

I'm very ambitious so I started going to the gym in mid-February. I ordered CarniFit with L-Carnitine and also Magicnesium.

I now take 2 capsules of CarniFit a day. One capsule in the morning after breakfast and the other after lunch, for more energy and fat burning. 30 minutes after taking CarniFit, I take another capsule of Magicnesium.


I started the year with 59kg, a 70cm waist, an 84cm stomach, 99cm hips and 58 thighs.

Today, 25 March, I have 56kg, 67cm waist, 81cm stomach, 97cm hips and 56cm thighs.

There is no big difference, but I want to maintain that lifestyle. Proper diet and exercise. I have decided to look after my body in the long run.


If you want to lose weight, it won't be easy, but it's worth it! Losing weight is 80% food and 20% exercise. If you have a stable diet with unprocessed foods and low sugar, you're on the right track. Personally, I've always had problems with sugar and food. I've managed to create a healthy lifestyle with tea and capsules.

I recommend walking in the park every day for 30 minutes or walking around your neighbourhood, which would be enough. Why? Because it gets your blood moving and it's a great mental stabiliser. Trust me! I felt very good in my skin.

If you enjoy it and have time, go to the gym up to 3 times a week. But don't overdo it. Start slowly, especially if you normally don't move. It's important to get support from your family and friends. Believe in yourself because you're the most important person in your life. If you don't look after yourself, who will?

Why have I written this article?

Last night's session at the gym really exhausted me. I did the whole workout: abdomen, bicycle, high-intensity circuit. All this after an hour of toning. I said to myself "You can do it!" and in the end I did it. This made me think of you, the readers of this article. If you want to make a change, but don't have the courage or motivation to get started, if you want to lose weight, feel better or detox ... What better example can I offer you than the testimonial of a person who works daily with these products and knows them well?

I tried them myself and decided to make a change. I took the first step! What about you?

PS: I always went to the gym alone. When something didn't go right, I laughed alone, but always on the move. Don't get angry or lose motivation if something isn't right for you. Be patient with yourself. And since I go to the gym alone, I have no photos unfortunately.

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