The secret to balanced thyroid hormones

As a woman, you’ve probably heard this before: “It’s natural to gain weight after turning 30” and “After pregnancy, the body is just never the same again” or “It’s impossible to maintain the figure of a 20-year-old for your whole life” - but there is another side to these stories. And returning to a smaller size is not mission impossible. 


Your thyroid needs support!

If you’ve been eating the same and your level of physical activity haven’t changed, but your weight has gone up, your thyroid may be to blame. It’s not necessarily serious, it just means that your thyroid may have slowed down a bit. 

What’s the connection to weight gain?

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped organ located below the larynx. It plays a key role in calorie consumption. The thyroid is crucial for metabolism, it influences numerous other bodily functions and controls how much energy we expend. When the thyroid slows down, so may all these processes, including fat burning. 

What can you do?

The most common reasons for an underactive thyroid are stress and a lack of essential nutrients. That’s why we encourage you to try some stress-relief methods as a way of alleviating the symptoms.

It doesn’t have to be yoga or meditation, although those are two very good ways of relaxing. There are many ways of giving your brain a break: a walk in nature, reading a book, listening to music, meeting friends, a relaxing massage…

You found some jeans that don’t fit you… 

You’re now faced with a decision: to stick to the belief that nothing can be done, or to take back control of your life.

If you’ve chosen the second option, you’ve probably asked yourself: “Well, how do I do that?” As a starting point: you have to stimulate your thyroid. Luckily, we found a completely natural way of doing that.

Thyroid Balance - for a thyroid in top shape

As far as the most important nutrients for good thyroid function are concerned, Thyroid Balance has it all. 

The capsules contain the amino-acid L-tyrosine, bladder wrack (a good source of iodine), Schisandra and holy basil for more effective stress relief. The extract from guggul resin ensures an optimal balance of thyroid hormones and promotes iodine absorption. We also added the important minerals, like zinc, selenium and manganese. 

Make sure your thyroid is in top shape with Thyroid Balance!

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