The solution to sagging skin after weight loss

Losing weight is a wonderful achievement, but what if, instead of boosting your self-confidence, it actually brings new types of insecurities? For many women losing weight fast can leave them with excess, saggy skin that serves as a reminiscence of their old self and often refuses to go away on its own


Excess skin can appear on any area of the body, but the most common are:

  • the belly
  • legs, especially thighs
  • buttocks,
  • forearms and
  • face.

Who is usually more prone to saggy skin after losing weight?

While we can’t influence genetics – some people’s skin is naturally more elastic than others’ – we know that after the age of 20 we all start losing elasticity in our skin due to reduced collagen production. Collagen is the number one protein responsible for skin tightness and elasticity. 

Each year our body’s ability to produce collagen goes down by 1%, and by the age of 40, that ability is reduced by 25% already. This is one major reason why, as you age, you have more trouble getting tight, firm skin after weight loss. 

So usually people, who are most prone to having loose skin after weight loss, are:

  • those who were overweight for a long period of time,
  • women over the age of 35,
  • smokers and heavy caffeine or alcohol consumers,
  • people who have dry skin and stretch marks,
  • women post-pregnancy (especially if they gained a lot of weight),
  • people who lost weight very fast.

Why collagen is really important when losing weight

When you gain weight, your skin adapts and stretches to accommodate the extra mass, and just as stretch marks and skin tightness can indicate that your skin wasn’t quite able to adapt fast enough, loose skin after losing weight signals that your skin isn’t catching up to the tempo of your weight loss.

We all want to get to our goal weight as fast as we can – but to prevent sagging skin, we need to make sure our skin is up to the challenge.

Which collagen supplement to take?

Many women take collagen just as a beauty supplement to improve their skin appearance. But if you are looking for collagen capsules that support your weight loss goals, then the best collagen supplement for you isCollagen Fit & Pretty!

What makes these collagen capsules unique and unmatched, is the fact that they combine a revolutionary formula for fat burning and skin firming in one single supplement

Collagen Fit & Pretty capsules contain:

  • Ovoderm®collagen type I from the eggshell membrane, which was shown to increase skin firmness by 51% and skin elasticity by 25%*, leaving 100% of users thrilled with the effects it had on the skin of their face and 94% on their skin overall. 
  • Sinetrol® X pur C, a patented blend of guarana and citrus fruit extracts, shown to help lose up to 1.8 kg of body fat and 65% of belly fat, while burning 181 more calories every day, and keeping the muscles intact and preventing a yo-yo effect.
  • Green tea extract that boosts metabolism, increases thermogenesis and speeds up fat burning.
  • Black Pepper extract that boosts the absorption and potency of nutrients by up to 30%.
  • Biotin for improved skin regeneration and luscious hair.  

One supplement is all you need to achieve your slimming goals and provide the support your skin needs to look and feel your absolute best!Collagen Fit & Pretty!

*The effects of the product may vary from person to person and may differ from those indicated on the website.