Hello cold, goodbye fat!

Chilly weather should not prevent you from exercising outdoors – on the contraryit should encourage you to spend more time exercising in fresh air! Keep reading to find out how cold weather can help you burn fat faster.


The “good” fat

Humans (and other mammals) have two types of fat – white fat (white adipose tissue) and brown fat (brown adipose tissue). The fat that builds up around a person’s waist and thighs is white, while the brown fat mainly accumulates around the neck and collarbone (in adult humans). It is sometimes also called the “good” fat - and it's good because it burns calories rather than stores them. 

Brown fat plays an important role in controlling body temperature , and its main function is to generate heat by burning calories.

Winter exercise

Keeping that in mind, your body could burn more calories on its own after the brown fat gets activated in the colder weather. It does not need to be freezing cold; one research suggests that even two hours of exposure to temperatures around 19°C** might be enough to activate brown fat. Anwhen you activate brown fat, it may stay active for a few hours

Another study found that when the brown fat cells were active, the volunteers burned an extra 250 calories**, an increase of 1.8 times in the calorie-burning rate. Even betterother studies have shown that exercising in cold weather can also transform white fat**, specifically belly and thigh fat, into calorie-burning brown fat.

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Even though you might be aiming to activate the brown fat with cold, make sure to dress warmly anyway – wear layers to keep you warm (enough) and don’t forget to protect your head, hands, and feet. Before starting your winter workout, make sure to warm up cold muscles that are at a greater risk for strains and injuriesChoose a safe surface for your outdoor workout and wear shoes with a good grip to help avoid slips and falls.

Winter is coming – but you now have a reason to really look forward to it! 


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