Weight loss for women, backed by science

On average, women have more body fat than men. Oestrogen decreases women’s ability to burn energy after eating, which results in more fat being stored around the body.


This means weight loss and weight management are much different for women than they are for men. And although some general guidelines can work for both genders, women struggle with excess weight (especially extra fat) more than men and most of the solutions, developed for both genders, work less effectively for women.

That is why as a woman-centric brand, we at TummyToxwork hand in hand with science to provide solutions that work best for women.

Why is it harder for women to lose weight?

Women and men alike struggle with excess weight because of everyday factors like stress, smoking, lack of sleep, sedentary lifestyles, eating processed foods, not drinking enough water and genetics

But women also have to deal with additional challenges, like fluctuating hormone levels, pregnancy, and a different way of metabolising fat. Our bodies are programmed to store fat, especially in certain areas, like the stomach and thighs. That’s why we often call them problem areas.


The best way to target problem areas, according to science

Women often struggle with problem areas like love handlesstomach rolls, cellulite and fatty thighs. It is an issue that needs a targeted solution.

One of our favourite ingredients for localized fat loss is called ID-alG™, a super-powerful patented blend of brown algae, iodine and grape seeds rich with marine polyphenols. It helps you absorb less fat and carbs from your meals while supporting your digestion.

You’ll findID-alG™ in TummyTox's Waist & Leg Shaper, along with nettle leaf extract which contains flavonoids that are good for your blood circulation. Thanks to this effect, your legs will feel less tired and heavy, as well as less swollen.

Years of research for fast and visible results!

A lot of scientific research has been done on the main ingredient of Waist & Leg Shaper, proving its effect on weight management and body fat mass

Since weight loss is directly correlated to fat mass reduction, a clinical study showed that participants who consumed 400 mg of ID-aLG™ daily(2 capsules of Waist & Leg Shaperlost 2.8 kilograms on average after only 8 weeks.

Participants also improved their body shape by reducing their

  • waist circumference (-2.4 cm*),
  • hip circumference (-1.7 cm*) and
  • thigh circumference (-0,9 cm*).

Fast & effortless results

The best thing about Waist & Leg Shaper is that the changes are visible with only 2 capsules per day in 8 weeks, and in the meantime, you can focus on improving your overall quality of life and leave the body shaping to the experts – us!

Because our products are all-natural, backed by science and safe to use, women all over the world love them! Over 600,000 women already lost weight with TummyTox products and Waist & Leg Shaper happens to be one of the crowd favourites

*The effects of the product may vary from person to person and may differ from those indicated on the website.

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