“I lost 22 pounds, sized back down to 12, my hair is shiny and healthy, and my smile has never been wider.”

Hey, I’m Rosie, and I’m 31 years old. I decided to share my weight-loss story to save you from feeling like I did – insecure, sad, and feeling like I was out of options. After trying endless diets (with no success) I finally found a way to lose weight just in time for my wedding. 

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I don’t even remember when I got overweight

I don’t even remember when I got overweight, to be honest. When I was at university, my priority was studying and having fun, obviously. But back then, my weight was average. Then, practically overnight, I put on a lot of weight

After getting my degree, I got a nice job at a bank where I worked as an accountant. My typical work-day consisted of sitting at a desk and staring at the screen. It's not that easy, as some would think, it’s actually mentally draining and sometimes I lacked energy even before my lunch break, so when I came home, I rarely had the energy to cook, and mostly ate frozen meals from the local supermarket

Also, the stress of paying bills and a new mortgage, taking care of our dog, house chores and other adult-life worries became really stressful, so I took comfort in food.  The years went by with this kind of lifestyle, and the numbers on the scale went up. I used to wear a size 12, but now I could barely fit into a 16!

My wake-up call came from an unexpected place

Last year, my (now) fiancée and I went on a trip to Italy – and got engaged! Happiest day of my life, believe me. After returning home, we planned a visit to my hometown during the holidays to surprise my parents.

My mum was over the moon when she saw the ring, but when we got to the wedding talk, she mouthed a sentence I couldn’t forget.

She said, “Rosie, I want you to feel like your best self on your wedding day, but for the sake of your wellbeing, please lose some weight. Stop snacking so much and remember – a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.” 

I felt blood rushing to my cheeks and the anger and shame flooding to my brain. How could she say something like that, and in front of my fiancée!?

A few days needed to pass for my anger to cool off. Then I started to realise my mum was right. She didn’t mean any harm and had my best interests at heart. When I sincerely thought about myself and my body, I noticed all of the things I had swept under the carpet over the last few years

The annoying pimples that should have gone by now, as I wasn’t a teenage anymore.

The nonstop fatigue, lack of motivation and energy. 

The dull hair, dry skin, and (more than occasional) hair loss. 

The (oh, I can’t believe I’m telling you this) snoring louder than my man... 

And don’t even get me started on the excessive sweating and the insecurity that comes with not feeling like yourself.

I was the one ruining my own wedding

I can’t forget the shame I felt when I couldn’t zip up a wedding dress in the biggest size they had.

Despite wearing shapewear under the dress, I felt like I was wearing a tent. Far from the beautiful bride I'd always dreamed of being.

I needed to get it together as soon as possible – the wedding was in 10 months!

With the wedding date approaching fast, I needed to get it together as soon as possible. In less than a year, I tried countless diets that didn’t have any effect. 

Sometimes I lost a pound or two but quickly gained it back because of the yo-yo effect. With my weight going up and down without any permanent success, I almost gave up.

About 4 months before the wedding, while scrolling through Instagram, I came across a TummyTox ad for Revenge Body Bundle

I thought to myself: this is my last chance. If this doesn’t work, I don’t think I’ll be able to get married. 

I hopped on their website and read all about the bundle and decided to order a package.

After completing the first step (with Daily Kick Tea, 3-in-1 Draining Drink and Sleep Tight Tea), I couldn’t believe how good I felt! I lost a couple of cm from my belly and felt ‘clean’ for the first time in a long time (if I can say that). I didn’t even realise I ate so many toxins over the years! But, oh, the feeling of leaving that burden (and toxins) in my past lifestyle was really worth it. It motivated me even more!

After the next few days, I’m proud to say that after a long time, I needed a belt to keep the pants up! With capsules to shape my belly (they have the perfect names: Slim Tummy Caps and Belly Shaper) I managed to burn the fat around my stomach! My cravings were gone, and my belly became flatter. I didn’t crave sugary and fried food anymore.

I could finally wear my tight blouses and feel confident in them. Around that time, my skin had a new glow, my hair got glossy, and my nails were so strong – all thanks to Shine Bright gummies!

In the final 10 days, I drank a glass of Night Burner Drink before bed to boost nightly fat burning. This was when I felt the proudest of myself. I had lost a significant amount of weight, and now had lots of energy, felt confident & happy. And I’m still dropping pounds!

TummyTox convinced me with their holistic approach designed for women – taking care of my whole body from morning to night.

I lost 22 pounds just in time for the wedding

As I write this, I have lost 22 pounds, sized back down to a 12, my hair is shiny and healthy, and my smile has never been wider.

During the night, I sleep like a baby (also stopped snoring and waking up my hubby-to-be), and I finally have more energy to do things I enjoy. 

But most importantly, I feel confident that in less than a month, I will be the most beautiful and healthy-looking bride.

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